Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Post by Nicole

Hello Internet people!!!! It's Nicole today!!!! About the reviews, we'll get to them this weekend, Phoebe has alot of homework this week and weekend, but we make time for blogging. :) So today I join all of you in the wonderful world-wide web, because I was tagged!! Weird, right?? ME?? TAGGED??? But I was. So I'll give 5 random facts about me and 2 random facts about Phoebe. Me, Nicole:

  • My middle name is Farah.

  • I have a necklace that I wear all the time, its how me and Christina are told apart.

  • I lovelovelove stuffed Neopets!!

  • My favorite colors are red and yellow.

  • I love Justin Beiber. :) (Note by Phoebe: This is Nicole who loves Justin Beiber, and just because its funny.)

Now Phoebe:

  • She's probably going to buy a doll tomorrow because of free shipping!! (Note: We'll have a guessing game, so hold your predictions.)

  • Right now she's wearing 6 bracelets and a watch. :)

Any doll that has never been tagged can do this!!! Dolls stick together. ;)

So now you know about moi a little bit better!! Just to intro myself a little better:

My full name is Nicole Farah Smith, I love stuffed animals and my favorite is a stuffed Feepit (Neopet Petpet), I am Pleasant Company, my Best Friend before I moved here was Kirsten (The same Kirsten we have.), I have a pet Westie named Coco, and I'm not as layed back as the other girls and sometimes they tease me about it (Playfully, of course, not mean at all!).

Thank you for reading!!! I love to blog, next time I'll post pictures!!! Maybe Mia was onto something with her abandoned mutiny!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

I had an idea. . .

. . . oh no, NOT AN IDEA!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! *cough cough* Sorry about that, it was, in fact, necessary, though. So I had an idea earlier for something to blog about, I don't know how I thought of this, but, how would you like it if I review stuff??? Like review my dolls and doll clothes. Maybe beds and non-AG stuff, too. Does that sound cool?? I'm going to try this. So you can ask me to review something, if you like, buy either emailing me at or commenting. It can be something still available or retired, a doll, clothes, anything you've noticed in my pictures! Here's somethings I will eventually review just because I love them so much:
  • Birthstone earrings
  • Mini Dolls
  • Julie
  • Midnight Holly 2007 holiday dress
  • Handmade clothes (They were by local people so most of you probably couldn't buy them, but they are so nice its a shame not to show the public the wonders these people can do.)

Do you think this is cool??



Picasa and Tagged Again!!

Hello everyone!!!!!! It's very cold today, I went outside half an hour ago and my fingers are still cold!! Spring, where are you???
Well, today I'm updating my Picasa with those pictures I took outside. Chrissa is in them! Go click the link to check it out and be a dahl. :) I'm very proud of one of them.
AND I got tagged by Emma at My American Girl, I found her blog yesterday and followed, its great! Go checks it out! (I meant for that s to be there.) So 7 random things about me:
1. My socks have puppy ears attached to them. :)
2.I have a Bruno Mars song stuck in my head. (He sings Grenade and Just The Way You Are, in case you've heard those.)
3.I love Almond Joy and KitKats. :)
4. Now I'm considering buying #19 and naming her Heather.
5. My dolls formed a Glee club, its called the Chickadees.
6. I have lights to put in the Habitat now!!!
7. I'm reading The Mysterious Benedict Society right now.
I tag anyone who wants to!

Phoebe :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hi everyone! Uhg, I am being such a horrible blogger. :( But today I have you a new picture I edited!!!
The saying was on a fortune I got one time, in case you can't see it, it says 'It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness'. This sounds so cheesey and cliche, but it's actually very inspiring. XD That is Cammrie's hand and a baterie operated candle. This is my new desktop background, it is so cool.
Thank you for looking, I'm sorry this was so short!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did you wear green???? I did! My dolls don't really celebrate St. Patrick's day since I don't have enough green clothes for them and because they can't pinch each other, of course some of them *cough cough MIA* would pinch the others anyway.
I have a new blog theme!!! Yay!! Do you like it?? Plus I'm using a new font, this one is called Coming Soon. I like that name. ;P There will be more posts soon!


Phoebe (I do like pink, but it's St. Patrick's day and I don't want someone to pinch my post :P)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

100th Post!!

YAY!!! WOOHOOO!!! Okay, it's my 100th post, finally. I'm so sorry, I've had a lot of homework and then got sick, but I'm better now and don't have as much homework. So for this special post I made a special image on Picnik. It's my desktop background. :)

Of course I couldn't have gotten this far without my readers and followers so thank you:

Leah, M and M, Kellee, Koshala, Christine, Rachel, Korianne, Elena, Carolyn, Kit Snicket, Charlotte, Gertie1999, beast'sbelle, Elizabeth, Ivy, Caelen, The Crazy Doll Lady, Julie, American Girl Dolls Rock!!, Emily, AGDollPrincess, American Girl Doll Hairstyles, Rebecca, Jerica, Sunny, PrincessClaire1000, Olivia, Miranda, Skylar, Quinlyn, Anne, Maddi, Lisa, Miranda, Marissa Ag077, Emma, Bunny, Hannah, and Claire.

I've been tagged, too! Caelen and Rachel both tagged me. So I have to say 7 random things about me and then tag 7 people. First the 7 random things:

1. My bedroom is purple.

2. I have light pink converse shoes I wear everyday to school.

3. I didn't go to school the last two Mondays because I was sick.

4. There are two large stuffed animals sitting next to our computer. One is a chicken and the other is a bear. :)

5. I love the show Glee and my favorite characters are Brittany, Artie, Puck, and Lauren.

6. My house I made in art last semester is on display at my school right now.

7. Cherry Blossoms, the My Little Pony, is sitting on my nightstand. :)

And I tag. . . . (I'm bad at this so I may not have 7)

1. Carolyn at The Petite Pencil: Snow Globes in my Wardrobe

2. Miranda's dolls at Inside A Doll's Mind

3. Charlotte at Just Us Dolls Here

4. Claire at Claire's Curiosity

5. Emma, Mackenzie, Leah, or Caelen at Our Life

That's all for now, I said I was bad at this! XD If I get two more I'll let them know. So I don't really have any updates about my dolls, but I've been working on cleaning their room so I can take pictures and I'm almost ready. Almost.

I think I should change my blog appearance. My header has snow on it for Pete's sake. I just found a Glee background. . . oooh. . . but I don't think I should use that. :) Now I have a patriotic theme planned. It will be up soon, thanks to the magical places I love called Picnik and The Cutest Blog on the Block.

Thank you all so much, you have no idea how much all of my sweet followers and commenters mean to me!! I promise I will have more posts soon, I don't think I'll have as many other things to do the next week or two. (Now watch me get lots of projects this weekend. XD)


Phoebe (Yeah, I still like pink.)