Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picasa and Tagged Again!!

Hello everyone!!!!!! It's very cold today, I went outside half an hour ago and my fingers are still cold!! Spring, where are you???
Well, today I'm updating my Picasa with those pictures I took outside. Chrissa is in them! Go click the link to check it out and be a dahl. :) I'm very proud of one of them.
AND I got tagged by Emma at My American Girl, I found her blog yesterday and followed, its great! Go checks it out! (I meant for that s to be there.) So 7 random things about me:
1. My socks have puppy ears attached to them. :)
2.I have a Bruno Mars song stuck in my head. (He sings Grenade and Just The Way You Are, in case you've heard those.)
3.I love Almond Joy and KitKats. :)
4. Now I'm considering buying #19 and naming her Heather.
5. My dolls formed a Glee club, its called the Chickadees.
6. I have lights to put in the Habitat now!!!
7. I'm reading The Mysterious Benedict Society right now.
I tag anyone who wants to!

Phoebe :)

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