Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Post by Nicole

Hello Internet people!!!! It's Nicole today!!!! About the reviews, we'll get to them this weekend, Phoebe has alot of homework this week and weekend, but we make time for blogging. :) So today I join all of you in the wonderful world-wide web, because I was tagged!! Weird, right?? ME?? TAGGED??? But I was. So I'll give 5 random facts about me and 2 random facts about Phoebe. Me, Nicole:

  • My middle name is Farah.

  • I have a necklace that I wear all the time, its how me and Christina are told apart.

  • I lovelovelove stuffed Neopets!!

  • My favorite colors are red and yellow.

  • I love Justin Beiber. :) (Note by Phoebe: This is Nicole who loves Justin Beiber, and just because its funny.)

Now Phoebe:

  • She's probably going to buy a doll tomorrow because of free shipping!! (Note: We'll have a guessing game, so hold your predictions.)

  • Right now she's wearing 6 bracelets and a watch. :)

Any doll that has never been tagged can do this!!! Dolls stick together. ;)

So now you know about moi a little bit better!! Just to intro myself a little better:

My full name is Nicole Farah Smith, I love stuffed animals and my favorite is a stuffed Feepit (Neopet Petpet), I am Pleasant Company, my Best Friend before I moved here was Kirsten (The same Kirsten we have.), I have a pet Westie named Coco, and I'm not as layed back as the other girls and sometimes they tease me about it (Playfully, of course, not mean at all!).

Thank you for reading!!! I love to blog, next time I'll post pictures!!! Maybe Mia was onto something with her abandoned mutiny!



  1. YAEH! Now Nicole probably loves me, because I tagged her! :) YAY! :D


  2. I've never been tagged! Cool!
    -Chrissa { My doll}

  3. Funnier than justin bieber is that you spelled his name wrong! It's okay though :)


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