Saturday, April 30, 2011

Outside Pics by Kitly

Hi everyone! It's Kit today! I just went out for some picture time. The camera loves me. :) Here are a few of my favorites.

Whoa, I'm sideways! Sorry about this. . .

Well, I hope you liked the pics, I had alot of fun! I took out Cammrie's dog, Sprocket, for the photshoot. I enjoyed this much more than Molly enjoyed hers, she's so weird!! Don't tell her I said that. Of course, she's NOTHING compared to Lanie and Mia! Goodness, sometimes I wonder how dolls like Elizabeth and Emily survive! XD Well, thank ya for reading! We luvs you!

~KiT KiTtReDgE

Friday, April 29, 2011

Molly Goes for a Walk

FINALLY!!! Okay, thank you for coming!
It was a lovely April afternoon and I had dragged Molly outside. She was peacefully sitting on the front porch, not doing anything.

"I should do something, it's nice out," said Molly.

So she got up and started walking.

She began walking down the sidewalk enjoying nature.

"This is boring! I love nature and all, but this is borrrringgggggg!"

So she began to climb the water drain.

It didn't end well, though. "Owwww. . . . "

So she counted the bricks. Unfortunately, Molly isn't the best math student, so you can imagine how well that worked.

"Uhg, there's too many bricks! Why is outside so BORING??"

Next Molly tried being a 'World Famous Gymnast'.

That didn't work, either. "AHHH!!!"

''That's it!"

Just then Molly spotted the best thing known to dolls outside: the railing.

So she climbed up.

"Ooh. . . ."

Off dreaming, but DEFINATLY not about math!


Taking a nap. :)

"Erm, could you bail me out?"

This is such a cool area, but extremely difficult to photograph without showing my street.

Ah. . . . .

"I'm bored again." Of course, she has the attention span of a doll. XD

''WEEEEEEE!" This was so much fun to take!

"Ooh, it's a tiny plant!"

Prettyness. I love this pic. :)


"Well, this was fun, but I'm ready to go in." After maybe 20 minutes. XD

But first she picked some flowers for the girls. ;)

Thank you for reading! :)

~Phoebe and Molly

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yo :)

Heya! :) I just wanted to post right now. I'm really sorry about not posting the photostory yet. I PROMISE I WILL TOMMOROW!!! Gosh, I'm bad at this!

Now, a random pic of Mia:

Ain't she purty? XD Sorry for the bad grammar, it was totally nessacary in that sentence. So today I'm doing homework, I'm going to go practice my Clarinet soon, and, obviously, posting. I love to blog but my dolls are boring. All I do is change them into pretty outfits and then they get agravated with Lanie and her obsesion and the make up random skits with Glee quotes and wear fabulous hats while standing on a table. Okay, that last one is interesting. :) I should have a fabulous hat fashion show. I'll add that to my increasing list of things to do this summer. Speaking of which. . . .

My list of things to do this Summer

  1. Have a fabulous hat fashion show

  2. Blog more

  3. Reviews!!!!

  4. More photo stories (by more I mean more than the 6 I made this school year, half of which aren't even posted)

  5. Make an AGMV

  6. Film the little skits I wrote

So, thank you for reading this pointless post. We luv ya! :)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Warblers (By Lanie)

Hello! MY VERY FIRST POST!! Yay! So, Lanie here! And I am going to tell you about the Warblers. Its from Glee, so most won't know anything about this. But it is MY area of expertice. They are so wicked awesome talented its just not funny. So last Tuesday their album was released! Yayness! So I have a few pictures of me and the CD because I'm so fly, much like Darren Criss. XD
If you haven't heard them, you are missing something. HERE is a link to Phoebe's favorite song they sing.

Sorry for the weird angle, it was really hard not to have glare. :)

Aren't I gorgeous? You know you love me. ^This is Darren Criss (aka Blaine), by the way.

So yeah. We love their music! So, thank you for reading my post. And please no mean comments about Glee. Everyone has their own likes and we respect yours, please respect ours. PEACE OUT!!!

~ Lanie Holland who might be a *little* obssesed with Blaine (Just a little)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day!
What did you and your dolls do to celebrate? Mine had this photo shoot. :) Pictures are in the process of showing up on Picasa. :)
Have a great Easter!
Phoebe <3

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day and Much More

Happy Earth Day! This picture was taken last year. :)
Today is also my friend Erin's birthday, her birthday is Earth Day! XD So happyy birthday, Erin!!

Plus, it's Molly, Molly Ann, and Lanie's birthday. :) Taken about 20 minutes ago. :)

How are your dolls celebrating Earth Day? My dolls celebrate their birthdays! :)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poetry :)

Hi! I have this long project to do about poetry. I'm not going to say it's boring because I get to read a lot of bird poems (Birds are my theme.) and write some, too. But I was looking for a master poem to mock and I found a poem called 'The Little Doll'. You can tell why I read it. :) And I thought it had a wonderful meaning. If you didn't click the link, it ends with the author finding the doll and she used to be beautifully colored and had lovely curls and was the prettiest doll in the world (Next to my Dodo, of course!) and then she was lost. So in the end of the poem the author finds her and her paint was all washed away and her arm was damaged by cows and her former curls were curls no more, but to the author she was still the prettiest doll in the world.
I love that. It shows that to the author it wasn't about her lovely curls or elegant face paint, but the sentimental value. She was destroyed and the author still loves her. That poem reminds me of why we love dolls, they're wonderful, not just in appearance, but they make us happy and we love them, even if they lost their former beauty. ~Phoebe

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guess Who!

She came! My doll came Friday afternoon, and she is adorable! I ordered #23 and her name is Evelyne Barker, but you can call her Evey. ;) I'm so sorry I didn't post until the next Wednesday, but there were complications with Blogger. I swear it hates my guts. XD Joking, but now for pictures of my darling Evey!! She's the header if you didn't notice.

I love my darling! Be on the look out for posts by Evey soon, she is literally me in doll form (okay, I don't look exactly like that, but she has my personality and interests. I even have a mini Clarinet for her!) HERE is a link to her Picasa album.