Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Chickadees

Hi everyone!! Today I'm going to introduce you to my dolls' glee club, The Chickadees! This is a group photo of all of the girls. The group includes (L to R): Alyssa, Gwen, Rebecca, Gwendolyn, Sonali, Lanie, Mia, and Marisol. Mia is the newest member, she joined yesterday. :) Alyssa and Marisol are the 'Co-Queens' of The Chickadees. They had the idea a few months ago but this year other girls wanted to join, too. The bird in front of them (That's Addy's bird, sadly discontinued.) is their mascot named Lucy. I got this Lucy before doll Lucy and I already picked out doll Lucy's name when I realized that. XD Over Spring Break (Only one week of school left!) I'm going to try to make an AGMV with them. Thanks for reading! Do yyour dolls have a Glee club??? PLD, Phoebe P.S. I've had two guesses as to which doll I bought, Rachel was on the right track! :)


  1. Is it Emily? Ruthie? Oops you already have Kit. Sorry! I guess I wasn't thinking. So is it a MAG? Hmmmmm....
    You really only have 1 more week of school? Really? Lucky!

  2. Not of school, until Spring Break! Sorry I wasn't clear on that. :)

  3. I remember when you showed me the videos of "the beginning" of your doll's glee club! :) It ROCKED!!! :D Oh, and my dolls have a Glee club, too,(I hate the SHOW Glee, but I felt like since I sing when nobody's looking, I decided to give my dolls a glee club! :) )



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