Friday, April 29, 2011

Molly Goes for a Walk

FINALLY!!! Okay, thank you for coming!
It was a lovely April afternoon and I had dragged Molly outside. She was peacefully sitting on the front porch, not doing anything.

"I should do something, it's nice out," said Molly.

So she got up and started walking.

She began walking down the sidewalk enjoying nature.

"This is boring! I love nature and all, but this is borrrringgggggg!"

So she began to climb the water drain.

It didn't end well, though. "Owwww. . . . "

So she counted the bricks. Unfortunately, Molly isn't the best math student, so you can imagine how well that worked.

"Uhg, there's too many bricks! Why is outside so BORING??"

Next Molly tried being a 'World Famous Gymnast'.

That didn't work, either. "AHHH!!!"

''That's it!"

Just then Molly spotted the best thing known to dolls outside: the railing.

So she climbed up.

"Ooh. . . ."

Off dreaming, but DEFINATLY not about math!


Taking a nap. :)

"Erm, could you bail me out?"

This is such a cool area, but extremely difficult to photograph without showing my street.

Ah. . . . .

"I'm bored again." Of course, she has the attention span of a doll. XD

''WEEEEEEE!" This was so much fun to take!

"Ooh, it's a tiny plant!"

Prettyness. I love this pic. :)


"Well, this was fun, but I'm ready to go in." After maybe 20 minutes. XD

But first she picked some flowers for the girls. ;)

Thank you for reading! :)

~Phoebe and Molly

1 comment:

  1. Molly is so pretty without her glasses on!
    I love her outfit :)


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