Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poetry :)

Hi! I have this long project to do about poetry. I'm not going to say it's boring because I get to read a lot of bird poems (Birds are my theme.) and write some, too. But I was looking for a master poem to mock and I found a poem called 'The Little Doll'. You can tell why I read it. :) And I thought it had a wonderful meaning. If you didn't click the link, it ends with the author finding the doll and she used to be beautifully colored and had lovely curls and was the prettiest doll in the world (Next to my Dodo, of course!) and then she was lost. So in the end of the poem the author finds her and her paint was all washed away and her arm was damaged by cows and her former curls were curls no more, but to the author she was still the prettiest doll in the world.
I love that. It shows that to the author it wasn't about her lovely curls or elegant face paint, but the sentimental value. She was destroyed and the author still loves her. That poem reminds me of why we love dolls, they're wonderful, not just in appearance, but they make us happy and we love them, even if they lost their former beauty. ~Phoebe

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