Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Warblers (By Lanie)

Hello! MY VERY FIRST POST!! Yay! So, Lanie here! And I am going to tell you about the Warblers. Its from Glee, so most won't know anything about this. But it is MY area of expertice. They are so wicked awesome talented its just not funny. So last Tuesday their album was released! Yayness! So I have a few pictures of me and the CD because I'm so fly, much like Darren Criss. XD
If you haven't heard them, you are missing something. HERE is a link to Phoebe's favorite song they sing.

Sorry for the weird angle, it was really hard not to have glare. :)

Aren't I gorgeous? You know you love me. ^This is Darren Criss (aka Blaine), by the way.

So yeah. We love their music! So, thank you for reading my post. And please no mean comments about Glee. Everyone has their own likes and we respect yours, please respect ours. PEACE OUT!!!

~ Lanie Holland who might be a *little* obssesed with Blaine (Just a little)


  1. I know who you're talking about... (me...) So, I will just say I LOVE the colour of your socks, Lanie! :D I know I've told you that before... ;)


  2. I LOVE GLEE! Its like my Favorite show! Blaine is AWESOME! Him and Kurt are sooo cute together! I love the song that Blaine and Rachel singed together (I cant think of the name though!):) lol

    ~Elizabeth (On my sister Rebecca's account, cuz I'm to lazy to log onto my own!)


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