Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yayness and Reviews!

Hello world of people online! My greetings keep getting weirder and weirder. Today, just like 2 minutes ago, I ordered a doll!! We love you free shipping. :) She'll be here in 5-8 business days! I'm not going to tell who, but I have mentioned her before on this blog. I have wanted this doll pretty much since I new she existed, much like Felicity. :) Yay!!! Plus, I got Kit's Summer Dress, it's so purty. Now, about the reviews, I will eventually do them. Recently I have had a lot of work to do for school and I don't really have the time to take the pictures or post the pictures, so I will do them this summer. Now on a completely irrelevant note, I'm working on a math project today where we write a children's book on a math topic. Mine is called Bruno's Garden Adventure and is about a bird named Bruno that needs to find his friends Jordan and Rachel in a garden by learning about coordinate planes. XD It is actually pretty cheesy. Well, do you have any idea who I got?? :) PLD, Phoebe (Who wants to change her blog theme again.)


  1. Cool.. I have no idea who you got...Kit? MAG of some sort? I don't know!

  2. Not Kit, I already have her! Blogger wouldn't let me format this right, so I'm sorry if it's hard to read!

  3. First off, I LOVE your new background! Polka dots are my fav. :) Second of all, I know who it is(because I begged,) but because I'm banned from this, I won't say WHO! Ooh, it's till a mystery... :D (I love quoting Spongebob...)


  4. Based on what you said in "The Chickadees" post, did you get Ruthie? (ignore my other guess)

  5. Phoebe, I love your name! It's gonna be in my novel {which I still haven't named!}. And I can read it fine. Nothin' wrong! :)


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