Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yo :)

Heya! :) I just wanted to post right now. I'm really sorry about not posting the photostory yet. I PROMISE I WILL TOMMOROW!!! Gosh, I'm bad at this!

Now, a random pic of Mia:

Ain't she purty? XD Sorry for the bad grammar, it was totally nessacary in that sentence. So today I'm doing homework, I'm going to go practice my Clarinet soon, and, obviously, posting. I love to blog but my dolls are boring. All I do is change them into pretty outfits and then they get agravated with Lanie and her obsesion and the make up random skits with Glee quotes and wear fabulous hats while standing on a table. Okay, that last one is interesting. :) I should have a fabulous hat fashion show. I'll add that to my increasing list of things to do this summer. Speaking of which. . . .

My list of things to do this Summer

  1. Have a fabulous hat fashion show

  2. Blog more

  3. Reviews!!!!

  4. More photo stories (by more I mean more than the 6 I made this school year, half of which aren't even posted)

  5. Make an AGMV

  6. Film the little skits I wrote

So, thank you for reading this pointless post. We luv ya! :)


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