Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Amazing Life of Nicole Smith entry 1

Hi! Welcome to my first entry!!! So Phoebe told me I had to tell the back story to this. Anyway, last year we reallyreallyreally wanted a doll blog, so the next best thing was a Word Document that we started to write in. It was honestly incredibly lame. I was lucky enough to get to write on the group one before we forgot about it, and I loved it so I got my very own. :) It was called 'The Amazing Life of Nicole Smith' and I wrote it like a diary. Now I have improved even more, I get my very own feature on the blog. And some dolls *coughLANIEcough* aren't even allowed to blog! :) Happiness for moi!!! So a little about me:

  • I used to live in Kentucky.

  • I love stuffed animals, especially stuffed Neopets.

  • My favorite colors are red and yellow.

  • I love dresses and skirts.

  • I want to be a teacher.

  • I'm one of Phoebe's dolls with a pretty well developed character (I have my own back story!)

  • The other girls used to say I was like Angela on The Office.

So yes! Now you know a little more about yours truly. :)


Miss Nicole Farah Smith


  1. Sweet! :) My dolls love the little McDonalds neopets from four years ago, so it's good to know my dolls aren't alone! :D


  2. I love your new P. Picture! I'm looking forward to more of these, Nicole. It's cool!!


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