Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Amazing Life of Nicole Smith entry 2

Hello everyone! It's Nicole. Today I went outside for pictures. I now have a new picture to put in the corner of my entries. :) In the picture, I'm holding a stuffed bunny. Phoebe has a lot of stuffed bunnies, and for Easter she got three little tiny ones for us dolls. Felicity, Chrissa, and I all got one. Mine is white and pink, Chrissa's is blue and green, and Felicity's is pink. Another thing that I want to say about the photo is about my hair. You can kind of tell, but it's in these mini braids all over my head. There are eleven all over, and right now they are tied back with a ribbon in a ponytail.
Sorry for the lack of posts, we were preoccupied and don't have anything to say.
Also, we have created a new list of dolls that we want to buy sometime. :) Or our 'Master List'. I don't understand the name, but it does give it a name. Now our list consists of:

  • Kanani Akina ( Next doll, to be renamed Jessica Kanani Akina)

  • #19, aka Heather Felicia Mitsy (Pronounced Meet-zee)

  • Marie-Grace, the illustrations are lovely of her.

  • Eventually, #30 to be named Maggie Belladonna, Lucy's sister.

So, just to pass on the news. :) The dolls aren't doing anything right now, but soon they will start their campaigns for mayor this year. I'm going to run again I think. Today the four that we think will run are Felicity, Lucy, Molly, and me. Just as a prediction, if those girls do run, then I think either Lucy or I will win.

Thank you for reading this, I appreciate it. ;) Well, only eight days till freedom (Summer break)!!


Miss Nicole Farah Smith

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