Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday 13th

Hey everyone! So today is Friday the Thirteenth. :) Last Friday 13th I told you about things that were bad luck, and today I will put a 'positve' spin on today and tell you things that are good luck. :)
So here are some common Good Luck superstitions:

  • Crossed fingers

  • Picking up a penny

  • Four leaf clover

And some. . . er. . . .odd ones:

  • Sneezing 3 times before breakfast

  • Meeting 3 sheep

  • Looking at the new moon over your right shoulder (I find this odd, because looking at the new moon over your left is bad luck!)

  • Putting on a dress inside out

  • Spilling wine while proposing a toast (Haha, yeeeeeaaaaah. . . .)

  • Meeting a Chimney Sweep on your wedding day

  • Spider spinning in the morning

If you have sometime on your hands, here is the link to the site where I found this.

Lol, some of those are pretty funny! So, have a lucky day, and try to get to know those sheep across the street!

Peace Out,

Phoebe(Who wants hot pink text to be good luck!)


  1. Ha, I must be so lucky :)
    I sneeze a million times before having breakfast!

  2. oh wow it is friday the 13th I completley forgot!


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