Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Julie!!!

Today is Julie's birthday!!! Happy birthday to Julie's everywhere!! Today my Julie turns 11, again. :) So I took her outside for pictures, unfortunately its cloudy. But I made the best of it and got some good pictures.

So, happy birthday Julie! We luvs ya! So say 'Happy Birthday' to that special Julie you know. :)

~Phoebe (and Jules)


  1. Happy birthday julie! You look awesome in the picture above :) Have another fun 11th year :)
    {and taryn, kit, chrissa, sonali, aisha, bridget, and maizee-liss!}

  2. Happy birthday, Julie!! You are much loved. :D By me!! And my sister. And a ton of other AG-loving girls. Yeah. Totally XD.

  3. Happy birthday, Julie! :D

    ~Miranda :)

  4. omg! Adorable picture! I forgot it is Julie's birthday. I will have to wish my Julie doll a happy birthday lol!


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