Monday, May 2, 2011

Molly's Glasses

Hi! Recently I recieved a comment from Charlotte and she said Molly was cute with out glasses (Thank you, by the way!) and that inspired me to do some explaining. So, my Molly doesn't wear glasses anymore. That is because her glasses kind of broke. They are still in one piece, a stuffed animal has them attached to his ears right now, but the things that go over her ears are too far apart and really loose. She used to wear headbands and that would keep them on, but I just decided she was cute with out them.
So here is an old picture of Molly with glasses:

And her Holiday Portrait without glasses:

Yep, I think she's cute either way, but in person I think she is generally cuter without them.

In case you want to read the story of how they broke, here it is:

So when I take a group photo of my dolls, I place them all on the steps in my house, which makes it very difficult to go up or down. One day last year I was placing everyone on the steps and was stupid and didn't bring all of them down before begining to place them. So I went upstairs and grabbed some dolls, and as I was walking back down, trying to find places to put my feet, I bumped Molly who was on the ground level, and knocked her over. DX Luckily, Molly wasn't harmed, but her glasses haven't fit right since.

Well, if you read all this, I thank you. Do you think Molly is cuter with or without glasses?



  1. Note to self: If I ever get Molly don't put on her glasses.

  2. I really don't have a choice, she just looks so differently cute!
    {thanks for including my name!}
    stinks that her glasses broke :(

  3. I like both ways, although I'm leaning towards the "un-glassed" way.

  4. Hi Phoebe!

    Your Molly is adorable both ways!! I never realized how cute she is without glasses-I love her eyes! :)

    I'm sorry about your Molly's glasses. My Molly used to have glasses that didn't fit her well too and one of the black pieces on the earpieces fell off. So, for Christmas I asked for a new pair. American Girl sells the Molly glasses for only $8 if you ever to get Molly new glasses. :)

    I love your blog! All of your dolls are just so cute!

    Have a great day!


  5. Eh, I like her without glasses. I've seen that picture, maybe, ten times? But this is the FIRST time I noticed she didn't have glasses! XD


  6. I think I like her best without glasses! But it's still too bad you broke them. ;P

    -Ley <3

    P.S. Wonderful blog! I <3 American Girl!

  7. My Molly doesn't wear her glasses. Mine are perfectly fine, I just like her better without. :)


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