Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Storm :0

GASP! Hi! So how goes it? Last night there was a storm where I live. It wasn't too bad at my house. The stop sign out side my neighborhood got bent and a tree at my school got broken, and some people lost power, but I didn't. So, me being me, I thought it was totally epic, so the camera came out and took some pics of the clouds.

The wind was really strong and the tornado siren went off,


  1. Wow! We had a storm like that once. A bunch of trees fell down, and my Mom got a dent in her car from the wind!

  2. Are you okay? Yesterday there was a thunderstorm where I live.

  3. Holy Cow! I don't get huge storms like that in CA, but we do (actually) get quite a bit of hail storms. The hail stones can get pretty big, and they hurt when they hit your head! :) Hope you are okay, and I hope it's all sunny skies from now on!


  4. We've had bad storms the past few days too.


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