Friday, May 27, 2011

Without dolls. . .

Don't panic, no one is getting Ebayed or anything, I just was going to share with you how different I think my life would be without my dolls. Well, if I had to give up my dolls, it would be one of the hardest things I would have ever done. I love them so much, and they comfort me. But, what if I never kept my interest in them? What if in 3rd grade I had given up on them? I think I would be a half person, they have done so much to impact my life. If I gave up dolls then I probably wouldn't be the decent writer I am because I never would have had a blog. SADNESS!!! So then I wouldn't have met the wonderful doll people on here that are so nice and make me so happy with your lovely comments. :) (Thank you<3) Which would be awful, you girls are all so kind. Plus, I probably never would have picked up a camera in my life! How horrid! GASP! Then I would be a normal girl. Hmm, not good, I love me and can't imagine life without dolls, how truly boring. On that same train of thought, I probably wouldn't like being different as much, because never would I have pondered upon Caro's blog, which makes me proud of me. :) Thank you, Carolyn!
So, thank you for reading! What would your life be like without dolls??
Less than Three (<3),

p.s. Thank you for the comments, I can't comment right now because Blogger has something against me, but yes, everyone I know is okay and so am I. :) Thank you, we luvs you for commentin'. (You know its true. lol, that's from a song!) And, do you likey me new icon??


  1. Aww! Thanks so much for talking about me! :) I really would be lost without my dolls. I wouldn't of been so in to the past if I hadn't picked up that first American Girl book {Felicity!} in 2nd grade . . . oh, that would be terrible! LOVE YA!


  2. I, actually, heard of AG in third grade, when I became best friends with Samantha(ironic, right???) Everytime I went to her house, we played ewith her Kaya doll and her younger sister's Elizabeth doll(we were also friends. :
    ) )

    But, If I didn't move from Maine to TN, then I would have most likely NEVER heard of AG! When I moved in the state I currently live in, I became into AG, and I became the fun, spontaneous person I am today. I mean, sure, there are some things that would always have been the same, like me being a tomboy who plays semi-violent video games, but I wouldn't have had a semi-girlish side of me. Well, now I'm rambling, so I'll stop typing, even though I am boring myself...



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