Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moment of the Day: Day 15

It's been forever since I did this!
This is a picture of Lanie's Dolloween costume last year. She dressed up as a hippie, and her costume included the shirt from Julie's holiday outfit, Julie's meet pants, a vest that was from an old Bitty Twin holiday outfit, the belt that comes on Julie (worn around her head), and some black shoes with buckles. I tried to take pictures of a few of my girls in their costumes, but they kept falling over, so I only got a few pictures.

Oh, and I won't be with my computer for a few days, so no new posts. But I do have a sceduled post for the Fourth. :)

Kisses and Bunnies,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome Home, Jessica!

 "Hmmm, I think this is where our new friends live, Barksey," said the new girl, walking towards a room full of excited dolls.
 "Hi!"greeted a girl with brown hair and a white headband, "My name is Molly and this is Nicole and we're currently running for mayor, so we're going to show you around!"
"Hello!" greeted Nicole to the new girl.
"Hey! My name is Jessica Kanani Akina, you can call me Jessica or Kanani, I don't really care," said Jessica, glad to meet some friendly faces.
 "Hello Jessica! I am your soon to be mayor! Miss Rebbeca Rubin! Welcome to Creekwater!" shouted an enthusiastic Beckie.
"Hello," replied Jessica, slightly taken aback by this odd girl.
"Beckie, leave her alone!" scolded a girl with short brown hair.
 "Hi, I'm Chrissa. Your current mayor, and we're all so glad that you could come, Jessica!" said Chrissa, in a warm and welcoming way.
"Hello Chrissa! I'm glad to be here!" answered Jessica, taking a liking to this nice girl.
"Why don't I show you around?"
 So Jessica and Chrissa went to the first room.
"Hello! My name is Emily and I'm friends with Molly over there," said a nice girl with a British accent and red hair. "I think that we're going to be good friends."
"Okay, girls, why don't you all tell Jessica your names," said Chrissa, walking over to a massive crowd of eager dolls.
"I'm Gwen."
"My name's Mia." Said the first three girls.
 "I'm Alyssa Connaway."
"And I'm Gwendolyn, but you can call me Dodo."
 "I'm Lucy, I'm also running for mayor. Welcome to  Creekwater!"
 "Hi! My name is Sonali," said a girl with long black hair as Jessica moved on to the next group. "And this is Bella, Timmy, and Emily."
"I'm Felicity and this is my friend-" said Felicity, being cut off by her friend.
"Elizabeth." said generally shy Lizzie, "My name is Elizabeth and I think that you will fit right in here, Jessica."
"Oh, I hope so!" answered a now excited Jessica.
 She then moved on to the next group of girls.
"My name's Christina and this is Kit, Samantha and Julie," introduced a girl with blond hair, wearing a cute pink outfit. "So you're REALLY from Hawaii?" Then the girls went on talking about there personal travel and where each of them came from.
 "Hey! My name's Cammrie."
"I'm Evelyne, or Evey."
"And I'm Marisol," said three new girls once Jessica had finished talking with Christina.

"Hi, you're going to be sharing a bed with me!" said the girl named Marisol, "I hope you feel welcome!"
"I do!" answered Jessica.


Thanks for reading! Jessica has settled in just fine and is positively wonderfully awesome point five!

Peace out,

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hi everyone! Today I come to you via iPod! Awesome, right? But unfortunately I can't add pictures.
Anyway, today I got another Liv doll at Target! I got the Moonlight Dance Sophie (with blond hair and blue eyes) and she is gorgeous! As soon as I can I will post pictures. Now I have three Liv dolls. Hayden, Katie, and Sophie. Hayden is my favorite, though.
So now that I have succeeded to ramble and make my hand sore from typing on an iPod, I will let you go.
Peace out,
Phoebler :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


SO, we have pictures! That I would naturally post. It is the unspoken law of new dolls. :) She is so pretty! And I had a question asking me why I changed her name. I did this because (no offense to anyone) I'm not very fond of the name Kanani. It's a pretty name, but I can't say it over and over again, so I picked something else to call her. But, Kanani is Jessica's middle name.

Yes, she has met the other dolls and I took pictures of that which will eventually show up on Picasa. Thank you for reading! Don't forget to vote and enter my giveaway!

Peace Out,

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yes, I posted already today, buuuuuuuuttttttt, KANANI AKA JESSICA CAME!! She is gorgeous, she came just about half an hour ago. She is sooooo pretty! I will have pictures later, but I just wanted to let you know. :) Her hair is so nice! In case you were wondering, I bought her starter collection (but the paddle board is on backorder), her Aloha outfit, and the special eddition of Mini Molly. AHHHH! I love her. . .

Peace out,

Cello and #28

HI!! So, yesterday I played dolls with my cousin for a little bit, and she has two AGs and the cello! It is so cool.
Here it is in the case, it is a beautiful color and is surprisingly light weight. The case has straps on the back of it, so the doll can hold it. I don't have a picture of this.

Here it is with her doll, a lovely #28 named Lilly, for size comparison. Lilly is a beautiful doll! I loved her. (She's wearing some of my doll clothes in this picture.)

Close up. My cousin also has a Lanie doll. I just loved this girl.

With out her headband. Sorry that it's kind of blurry. This is such a pretty doll!

Well, thank you for reading! Don't forget about my giveaway and please vote for mayor!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Miranda! (and new items at AG)

Hi everyone! Today is one of my real-life and Blogging best friends, Miranda's, birthday! So happy birthday, Miranda! Please check out her blog Positively Me and her doll's blog Inside a Doll's Mind.
Sooo, I made her a card:
It's a picture I took of her dolls Hollie and Gwen with my Gwendolyn, because they are cousins. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Now, for the new stuff. I'm sure you've all seen it, but I just have to put in my opinion on the new stuff. OMJ (Oh my Jelly) IT IS AWESOME!!! I love the new outfits, especially the skateboard outfit and Striped School Dress. And I didn't think AG could do it, but they did. They possibly made the prettiest doll ever. #55, in my opinion, is absolutely gorgeous! I love her eye color, they seem just a bit different from the other hazel eyes, maybe it's the hair. :)
However, I am a bit disappointed with #53 (with the blond hair). She is lovely, but I was really wanting a blond doll with brown eyes and no bangs, other than #24, and then she comes along, but has the Julie face mold. Which, wasn't exactly what I wanted for my Sydney. But, she's still cute. And just might be perfect with the proper hairstyle. :)
Now that I got that hyper excitement over the new outfits and totally awesome #55 out, there is more hyper excitement. Jessica will be here by Monday!! YEAH!!! Okay, thank you for reading! Please vote, enter my Giveaway (3 posts below, I believe.), and go over to Positively Me to wish Miranda a happy birthday! :)

Kisses (that's just how I talk, man. XD),

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Election Questions! :)

So today the four candidates will answer your questions! Thank you to those of you that submitted questions.
1. Have any of you ever been elected before? (from Rachel~Doll Girl)
Molly- No, I have not been elected. However I did run last year, too.
Rebecca- I have not been elected before, either.
Nicole-I haven't been elected, but I also ran last year.
Lucy- Nope.

2. What do you plan to do to make Creekwater better? (from Rachel~Doll Girl)
Molly- I plan to improve organization. Our town has never been well organized, but with proper motivation I will help all of the dolls become well organized.
Rebecca- To improve Creekwater I plan to make things more sociable. Often the dolls will socialize in little clusters but I plan to have events that will get different people together.
Nicole- To improve our lovely town, I will make sure that each doll gets equal attention. Sometimes some are ignored and story lines are dropped. But, I will make sure that we never forget about someones storyline and each doll gets equal attention.
Lucy- If I were elected, I would improve our efficiency. On numerous occasions we have started something and never finished it. With my help and constant pestering, I will make sure that we never quit on an idea. (like that AGMV we were supposed to make.)

3.What would you do for your fellow dolls? (from Rachel)
Molly- To help my fellow dolls, I would make sure that none are ever left in clothing that they dislike or left with hair not done to Phoebe's best ability.
Rebecca- To help the dolls in Creekwater, I would improve our fashion sense. You haven't seen some of the stuff Phoebe puts on Cammrie. It is purely inhumane. *NOTE: This is Rebbeca's personal opinion, I think what I dress Cammrie in is cute.*
Nicole- To help the dolls I will make it so that they all get a nice, fully developed personality. All of us do, but for the sake of certain girls we must make sure that they all get a nice personality and are not flat characters.
Lucy- To help the dolls, I would try improve our friendships. Certain groups are considered friends, but seem to hate each other. And certain dolls have been around for almost a year and just have one or two friends.

4.How would you improve the community? (from Rachel)
Molly- I would improve the community by making sure all girls are behaving properly. You don't want to know some of what Mia and a fellow candidate have done.
Rebecca- I would improve the community by giving each doll equal opportunity for publicity, such as photo stories and stop motion. With this there would be less jealousy and everyone would agree more.
Nicole- To improve the community, like Rebbeca, I would give each doll equal opportunity for anything. Not just publicity, but for things like traveling and such.
Lucy- To improve the community I would make it so that there are more social events, so that these dolls can befriend one another more easily.

5. What would you start with? (from Rachel, these are awesome questions, by the way.)
Molly- I would start with general organization.
Rebecca- I would begin by improving the appearance of each doll, clothing, hair, even things like hair quality such as washing hair.
Nicole- I would start with going back to forgotten story lines and revisiting some of them through photo stories.
Lucy- I would start by making sure that we don't give up on ideas that have formed. Like getting around to that AGMV, man.

6. What would you do to make Creekwater a happier and more fun community for yourself and others? (from Miranda)
Molly- I would improve organization, make sure dolls are happy and confident with their clothing choice (that isn't shallow, dolls care about this stuff.), and make sure that all dolls are behaving appropriately.
Rebecca- I would improve the fashion and hair sense of each individual, make more social events, and give equal opportunity for publicity.
Nicole- I will make sure each doll gets equal attention and no story lines are dropped, make sure that no doll is left with a half developed personality, and give each doll equal opportunity.
Lucy- If elected, I will improve our efficiency (which is seriously problematic), try to improve friendship stuff, and also make more social events with more dolls.

So, there you have it! There is a poll in my left sidebar, you can now vote their! Polls will be open for two weeks, and the new mayor will be inaugurated on the 29th of July. PLEASE VOTE!!

peace out,

Phoebe (who would have the awesome siggy that Priya made, but Blogger isn't cooperating.)

DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY!! (two posts bellow) I will have two winners if enough people enter.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer and Awesomeness

Good day lovely readers! Today is the first oficial day of summer! COOL, RIGHT??? So I hope you had a wonderful first official day of summer. :)
Now, for the awesomeness. I ordered a doll. Today. And some other awesome stuff, too. Like the Mini Molly special addition. Can not run the risk of them running out of her. So, I bet you're wondering what doll I got. Unless you're Miranda because I told her yesterday. SO! I ordered Kanani!!!!! Or as I will call her Jessica. :) Happiness!!! I can't wait for her to get here!! Well, thank you for reading and don't forget about the giveaway (One post bellow) or the questions for the candidants (two posts below)! Today is the last day to submit questions. :)

Peace out,

Monday, June 20, 2011


Hello beloved readers!! Today I will be starting my very first giveaway!! AWESOME!!! So first to introduce the prize.
The winner (selected at random) will be able to choose between backpack A (left) or backpack B (right). The backpacks were handmade by my mom. :)
Christina is modeling backpack A, Rebecca modeling B. So you can judge size. And, in case this would be a problem for anyone, there is one poodle (who does not shed) and two parakeets that live in my house.

NOWWWW, how you enter:

  1. You must have your parents permission if you are under eighteen. (Because I will need your address.)
  2. If you have an account, it would be nice if you follow, but not necessary. If you don't have an account this does not apply.
  3. You may either comment bellow or email me at with the answer to the following question:
What is you favorite thing about summer?

Lame question, but please enter! Oh, and the deadline is July 6 at 11:59 Eastern U.S. time. The winner will be announced on the seventh.


P.s. Don't forget about the campaign questions! One post bellow. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hello everyone! Today I will be introducing something I didn't do last year for the election in Creekwater. So, last year I had each candidate write a post about what they would do for the town, but this year, there will be questions that each girl has to answer, and based off of those questions you can then vote for mayor! Now, these questions will be questions given to the dolls by you!! Our lovely readers!!! YAY!! Okay, anyway, so these questions can be stuff like 'How would you improve the town?' or things like that. But please nothing totally irrelevant like 'What's your favorite color?' or 'How many colors are in a rainbow?'. Well, I can't wait to see the questions! Just comment bellow and I will make a list of all the questions that they will answer on Wednesday, I already have posts planned for tomorrow and Tuesday, plus that will give us extra time. :)
Just a reminder, our candidates are Rebecca (who is a little self-centered), Nicole (who is nice and a little to serious), Molly (who is, well normal in all aspects except for fashion sense), and Lucy (who is totally insane, in a good way)


p.s. I mentioned a surprise in my last post, well, tomorrow I will start my very first giveaway! Yeah!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kimi's 10!!

Hi everyone! Today, June 18th is my toy poodle's, Kimi's, birthday!! She turned ten today, which I think is about 70 in dog years. So, she's now real old. But, she still acts like she's a young fuzz. So, happy birthday Kimi!! Here is a picture taken earlier this morning:
Isn't she cute? Well, thanks for looking!! :)

Peace out,
P.s. I have a surprise for you all coming soon!! I know you'll love it!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Candidates

Hello!! Today we are going to start the 'exciting' voting system of Creekwater again. If you followed my blog last July, then you might remember the Election, that Chrissa won, and it's about time for campaigning again! This year we are starting really early, so that I can get up each girl's post before voting starts, and I will have a new thing that they'll do this year. So, now I will intro the candidates:
So our new candidates are (Left to right): Molly, Nicole, Rebecca, and Lucy. The first post will probably be by Nicole within the next few days. So, it has begun. . . . mwahaha. . .

Also, thank you Priya for the awesome signature! I love it!
Peace out,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My American Girl's 30 Followers Blog Party!

Hi!!!! I found this fun Blog Party for My American Girl (Go check it out, man!), and I had to do it. :)

1.Which do you like better; Apple or Cherry Pie?
Apple, I like the pie and what my insane mind made that code for. ;)

2.What is your favorite thing to do over summer?
Anything with dolls!

3.How many dolls (Not only AG, any kind) do you own?
27 AG, 2 Livs

4.Have you ever been to any of the American Girl Places or are you going to one over the summer?
I've been to the Chicago one, and I want to go to the DC one.

5.Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do?
Blog, take pictures, doll stuff, play the Clarinet, and write (note: I write purely for my enjoyment, and it really very well written :P)

6.What's your favorite TV show and/or movie?

7.What is your favorite color?
Lilac and hot pink

8.What do you like about this blog and/or why did you follow it?
I like that blog because Emma is really nice and sweet. :) Oh, and it has dolls!!!! Dolls make everything better.

AND the banners:

Now, before you leave me, I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!! 52 FOLLOWERS?? That's two more than I asked for and I didn't even think I would reach fifty!! Thank you all!! We luvs ya like a doll. :)

Peace Out,
(Like my siggy?)

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm back, with a room tour!

Hello everyone!! I'm back!! I did not forget about you, how could I?? We had to go out of town for a few days, so I couldn't post. But now I come bearing a room tour!! Are you ready??
So here it is from the doorway. Finally clean!!

This is where I put my doll shoes. I have alot of shoes.
Molly and Emily's room. Molly's bed is an old Target bed, and Emily has a pillow that I made.
Evey and Sonali, who have the Ikea bed. Their bed is between Molly and Emily's room and the room Lucy sleeps in.

Lucy, Gwendolyn, Lanie, and Alyssa's room. Lucy has the top bunk of a baby bed, Gwendolyn has the bottom. Lanie and Alyssa share the pillow.
Lissie and Lizzie's room. They both have beds from Our Generation, and the floor is made of old fan blades.

Gwen and Cammrie's bed, also a pillow that has the Ikea blanket.

And here is Mia's bed, it's actually her bed. The only piece of AG furniture I have!

Emily, Timmy and Bella's beds. My mom made Timmy and Emily's beds, and Bella's is the top to Lucy's bed.

Chrissa, Kit, Rebecca, Nicole, and Christina's room. Kit and Rebecca share a pillow, so do Nicole and Christina and Chrissa has a bed like Molly's.

Marisol, Samantha, and Julie's room. They all have pillows, Marisol has Evey and Sonali's old one all to herself. :)

Random stuff I don't know what to do with, and a table and fan. My dad made the table. He made all my tables.
Underneath the table where the bathroom is. Currently it is the Chickadees rehearsal room.

This is the bathroom, witch is on top of a table. My Liv dolls live here (hahaha) and the hearts on the back are all my dolls and followers.

I believe you haven't met this girl. This is Katie, a Liv doll I got over Spring break (Currently wearing Hayden's wig).
Half of the closet in this room is occupied by the living room, the inflatable couches are from Build-A-Bear.

The other half is the kitchen. I made the fridge out of a box, and used several AG boxes when making this.

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed!! If you want to know what something was or where I got it, just comment. :)

Peace out,