Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cello and #28

HI!! So, yesterday I played dolls with my cousin for a little bit, and she has two AGs and the cello! It is so cool.
Here it is in the case, it is a beautiful color and is surprisingly light weight. The case has straps on the back of it, so the doll can hold it. I don't have a picture of this.

Here it is with her doll, a lovely #28 named Lilly, for size comparison. Lilly is a beautiful doll! I loved her. (She's wearing some of my doll clothes in this picture.)

Close up. My cousin also has a Lanie doll. I just loved this girl.

With out her headband. Sorry that it's kind of blurry. This is such a pretty doll!

Well, thank you for reading! Don't forget about my giveaway and please vote for mayor!



  1. Wow the cello is so adorable! Lily looks so cute!!

  2. I just bought one for my daughter, It's really a nice Cello piece, its so cute! I am even looking to buy one for her best friend for x mas. They both play Cello at their middle school ;)


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