Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Election Questions! :)

So today the four candidates will answer your questions! Thank you to those of you that submitted questions.
1. Have any of you ever been elected before? (from Rachel~Doll Girl)
Molly- No, I have not been elected. However I did run last year, too.
Rebecca- I have not been elected before, either.
Nicole-I haven't been elected, but I also ran last year.
Lucy- Nope.

2. What do you plan to do to make Creekwater better? (from Rachel~Doll Girl)
Molly- I plan to improve organization. Our town has never been well organized, but with proper motivation I will help all of the dolls become well organized.
Rebecca- To improve Creekwater I plan to make things more sociable. Often the dolls will socialize in little clusters but I plan to have events that will get different people together.
Nicole- To improve our lovely town, I will make sure that each doll gets equal attention. Sometimes some are ignored and story lines are dropped. But, I will make sure that we never forget about someones storyline and each doll gets equal attention.
Lucy- If I were elected, I would improve our efficiency. On numerous occasions we have started something and never finished it. With my help and constant pestering, I will make sure that we never quit on an idea. (like that AGMV we were supposed to make.)

3.What would you do for your fellow dolls? (from Rachel)
Molly- To help my fellow dolls, I would make sure that none are ever left in clothing that they dislike or left with hair not done to Phoebe's best ability.
Rebecca- To help the dolls in Creekwater, I would improve our fashion sense. You haven't seen some of the stuff Phoebe puts on Cammrie. It is purely inhumane. *NOTE: This is Rebbeca's personal opinion, I think what I dress Cammrie in is cute.*
Nicole- To help the dolls I will make it so that they all get a nice, fully developed personality. All of us do, but for the sake of certain girls we must make sure that they all get a nice personality and are not flat characters.
Lucy- To help the dolls, I would try improve our friendships. Certain groups are considered friends, but seem to hate each other. And certain dolls have been around for almost a year and just have one or two friends.

4.How would you improve the community? (from Rachel)
Molly- I would improve the community by making sure all girls are behaving properly. You don't want to know some of what Mia and a fellow candidate have done.
Rebecca- I would improve the community by giving each doll equal opportunity for publicity, such as photo stories and stop motion. With this there would be less jealousy and everyone would agree more.
Nicole- To improve the community, like Rebbeca, I would give each doll equal opportunity for anything. Not just publicity, but for things like traveling and such.
Lucy- To improve the community I would make it so that there are more social events, so that these dolls can befriend one another more easily.

5. What would you start with? (from Rachel, these are awesome questions, by the way.)
Molly- I would start with general organization.
Rebecca- I would begin by improving the appearance of each doll, clothing, hair, even things like hair quality such as washing hair.
Nicole- I would start with going back to forgotten story lines and revisiting some of them through photo stories.
Lucy- I would start by making sure that we don't give up on ideas that have formed. Like getting around to that AGMV, man.

6. What would you do to make Creekwater a happier and more fun community for yourself and others? (from Miranda)
Molly- I would improve organization, make sure dolls are happy and confident with their clothing choice (that isn't shallow, dolls care about this stuff.), and make sure that all dolls are behaving appropriately.
Rebecca- I would improve the fashion and hair sense of each individual, make more social events, and give equal opportunity for publicity.
Nicole- I will make sure each doll gets equal attention and no story lines are dropped, make sure that no doll is left with a half developed personality, and give each doll equal opportunity.
Lucy- If elected, I will improve our efficiency (which is seriously problematic), try to improve friendship stuff, and also make more social events with more dolls.

So, there you have it! There is a poll in my left sidebar, you can now vote their! Polls will be open for two weeks, and the new mayor will be inaugurated on the 29th of July. PLEASE VOTE!!

peace out,

Phoebe (who would have the awesome siggy that Priya made, but Blogger isn't cooperating.)

DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY!! (two posts bellow) I will have two winners if enough people enter.


  1. I vote for Lucy, I also wanted to vote for Nicole but I think Lucy would be very good, if elected. I vote for her on the poll too.
    P.S. Blogger isn't really being my friend with Priya's signiture, and I really love it.

  2. Cool. That must've taken you a long time to post and get their answers.. And thanks!! I wasn't sure about my questions because it kinda sounded like I was just re-phrasing some of the other questions. I can't wait for you to announce the give-away winner!!

  3. Oh, and your poll isn't working for me!! I wonder why. [?!?!?] Anyway, I vote for Lucy. She's getting all the votes.. You other dolls must feel bad. Very bad. I hope Phoebe will give you a big huge surprise since you're not getting voted for. :)

  4. I kind of get the vibe that Rebbecca only cares about doll fashion... I already voted. :D



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