Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hello everyone! Today I will be introducing something I didn't do last year for the election in Creekwater. So, last year I had each candidate write a post about what they would do for the town, but this year, there will be questions that each girl has to answer, and based off of those questions you can then vote for mayor! Now, these questions will be questions given to the dolls by you!! Our lovely readers!!! YAY!! Okay, anyway, so these questions can be stuff like 'How would you improve the town?' or things like that. But please nothing totally irrelevant like 'What's your favorite color?' or 'How many colors are in a rainbow?'. Well, I can't wait to see the questions! Just comment bellow and I will make a list of all the questions that they will answer on Wednesday, I already have posts planned for tomorrow and Tuesday, plus that will give us extra time. :)
Just a reminder, our candidates are Rebecca (who is a little self-centered), Nicole (who is nice and a little to serious), Molly (who is, well normal in all aspects except for fashion sense), and Lucy (who is totally insane, in a good way)


p.s. I mentioned a surprise in my last post, well, tomorrow I will start my very first giveaway! Yeah!!


  1. Wow, I don't know!! What questions should I ask?
    Oh, how about this: Have any of you ever been elected before? What do you plan to do to make Creekwater better?
    I'll let you know if I think of any others. I had elections for my dolls for school president once. It was really fun!

  2. Cool!! A give-away!!
    Here are my questions. Kinda wimpy.
    What would you do for your fellow dolls?
    How would you improve the community?
    What would you start with?

  3. What three things would you do to make Creekwater a happier and more fun community for yourself and others?
    I think that's a REALLY good one! :)



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