Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Miranda! (and new items at AG)

Hi everyone! Today is one of my real-life and Blogging best friends, Miranda's, birthday! So happy birthday, Miranda! Please check out her blog Positively Me and her doll's blog Inside a Doll's Mind.
Sooo, I made her a card:
It's a picture I took of her dolls Hollie and Gwen with my Gwendolyn, because they are cousins. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Now, for the new stuff. I'm sure you've all seen it, but I just have to put in my opinion on the new stuff. OMJ (Oh my Jelly) IT IS AWESOME!!! I love the new outfits, especially the skateboard outfit and Striped School Dress. And I didn't think AG could do it, but they did. They possibly made the prettiest doll ever. #55, in my opinion, is absolutely gorgeous! I love her eye color, they seem just a bit different from the other hazel eyes, maybe it's the hair. :)
However, I am a bit disappointed with #53 (with the blond hair). She is lovely, but I was really wanting a blond doll with brown eyes and no bangs, other than #24, and then she comes along, but has the Julie face mold. Which, wasn't exactly what I wanted for my Sydney. But, she's still cute. And just might be perfect with the proper hairstyle. :)
Now that I got that hyper excitement over the new outfits and totally awesome #55 out, there is more hyper excitement. Jessica will be here by Monday!! YEAH!!! Okay, thank you for reading! Please vote, enter my Giveaway (3 posts below, I believe.), and go over to Positively Me to wish Miranda a happy birthday! :)

Kisses (that's just how I talk, man. XD),


  1. Hi Phoebe! That's so exciting you're getting Kanani/Jessica! How come you are changing her name? :)


  2. wow I love that!! I hope she has a great birthday! I don't believe I am following her but now I am going to! I love your header picture it is sooooooooooooooo cute!

  3. Happy birthday miranda! cute picture phoebe! I love the new ag stuff :)

  4. Thanks. :) I <3 #55 TOO!!! :D



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