Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm back, with a room tour!

Hello everyone!! I'm back!! I did not forget about you, how could I?? We had to go out of town for a few days, so I couldn't post. But now I come bearing a room tour!! Are you ready??
So here it is from the doorway. Finally clean!!

This is where I put my doll shoes. I have alot of shoes.
Molly and Emily's room. Molly's bed is an old Target bed, and Emily has a pillow that I made.
Evey and Sonali, who have the Ikea bed. Their bed is between Molly and Emily's room and the room Lucy sleeps in.

Lucy, Gwendolyn, Lanie, and Alyssa's room. Lucy has the top bunk of a baby bed, Gwendolyn has the bottom. Lanie and Alyssa share the pillow.
Lissie and Lizzie's room. They both have beds from Our Generation, and the floor is made of old fan blades.

Gwen and Cammrie's bed, also a pillow that has the Ikea blanket.

And here is Mia's bed, it's actually her bed. The only piece of AG furniture I have!

Emily, Timmy and Bella's beds. My mom made Timmy and Emily's beds, and Bella's is the top to Lucy's bed.

Chrissa, Kit, Rebecca, Nicole, and Christina's room. Kit and Rebecca share a pillow, so do Nicole and Christina and Chrissa has a bed like Molly's.

Marisol, Samantha, and Julie's room. They all have pillows, Marisol has Evey and Sonali's old one all to herself. :)

Random stuff I don't know what to do with, and a table and fan. My dad made the table. He made all my tables.
Underneath the table where the bathroom is. Currently it is the Chickadees rehearsal room.

This is the bathroom, witch is on top of a table. My Liv dolls live here (hahaha) and the hearts on the back are all my dolls and followers.

I believe you haven't met this girl. This is Katie, a Liv doll I got over Spring break (Currently wearing Hayden's wig).
Half of the closet in this room is occupied by the living room, the inflatable couches are from Build-A-Bear.

The other half is the kitchen. I made the fridge out of a box, and used several AG boxes when making this.

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed!! If you want to know what something was or where I got it, just comment. :)

Peace out,



  1. Cool!! I wish I had Sonali.. I just noticed you had 51 followers! Good for you!

  2. So, is that your bedroom, or is it a room fully devoted to AG dolls? I wish I had that much room for AG stuff!

  3. Yesterday I made a pillow bed for my dolls weird right? I saw the ikea doll bed, my mom said she could buy me it.

  4. I love your doll room! I wish I had a room for my dolls! I only use my closet for my dolls, which isn't very big. :P Your dolls are all very pretty by the way! :)


  5. I want to do the doll room concept(and if you remembered my blog in July, I DID try that, but it didn't work out... :( ) but I don't have a spare room! Only the guest room, but, that's the GUEST room, not a doll room. :(



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