Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kimi's 10!!

Hi everyone! Today, June 18th is my toy poodle's, Kimi's, birthday!! She turned ten today, which I think is about 70 in dog years. So, she's now real old. But, she still acts like she's a young fuzz. So, happy birthday Kimi!! Here is a picture taken earlier this morning:
Isn't she cute? Well, thanks for looking!! :)

Peace out,
P.s. I have a surprise for you all coming soon!! I know you'll love it!


  1. Our family dog looks just like yours!:)

  2. Weird, because when I got Willow yesterday(yes, on Kimi's birthday!) I thought, hey, isn't today Kimi's birthday??? No joke! XD


  3. Happy belated birthday Kimi!!!


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