Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moment of the Day: Day 15

It's been forever since I did this!
This is a picture of Lanie's Dolloween costume last year. She dressed up as a hippie, and her costume included the shirt from Julie's holiday outfit, Julie's meet pants, a vest that was from an old Bitty Twin holiday outfit, the belt that comes on Julie (worn around her head), and some black shoes with buckles. I tried to take pictures of a few of my girls in their costumes, but they kept falling over, so I only got a few pictures.

Oh, and I won't be with my computer for a few days, so no new posts. But I do have a sceduled post for the Fourth. :)

Kisses and Bunnies,


  1. Lanie DOES look hippie-ish! :D


  2. I agree with Miranda. Very hippie!! And now, on my way to Maine, I'm in Massachusetts!! I hope you're having a good summer!! And Jessica is beautiful. I am now totally sure I need her.

  3. Rachel, you do! Have fun in Maine! :)


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