Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My American Girl's 30 Followers Blog Party!

Hi!!!! I found this fun Blog Party for My American Girl (Go check it out, man!), and I had to do it. :)

1.Which do you like better; Apple or Cherry Pie?
Apple, I like the pie and what my insane mind made that code for. ;)

2.What is your favorite thing to do over summer?
Anything with dolls!

3.How many dolls (Not only AG, any kind) do you own?
27 AG, 2 Livs

4.Have you ever been to any of the American Girl Places or are you going to one over the summer?
I've been to the Chicago one, and I want to go to the DC one.

5.Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do?
Blog, take pictures, doll stuff, play the Clarinet, and write (note: I write purely for my enjoyment, and it really very well written :P)

6.What's your favorite TV show and/or movie?

7.What is your favorite color?
Lilac and hot pink

8.What do you like about this blog and/or why did you follow it?
I like that blog because Emma is really nice and sweet. :) Oh, and it has dolls!!!! Dolls make everything better.

AND the banners:

Now, before you leave me, I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!! 52 FOLLOWERS?? That's two more than I asked for and I didn't even think I would reach fifty!! Thank you all!! We luvs ya like a doll. :)

Peace Out,
(Like my siggy?)


  1. Can I have your email address to invite you to my blog? My doll-related one?

  2. Rachel-
    Of course!! It's Thanks for inviting me to your blog. :)

  3. Hey Phoebe! I made you something, it's on my website at the YouStuff page. :)


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