Thursday, June 2, 2011


YAY! I got off from school today, just about an hour ago! SO IT IS SUMMER NOW!!! WHICH MEANS MORE DOLLY-DEVOTION!!! But not tonight because I'm going to an end of the year party. So be prepared for an enormous amount of outdoor pictures so that you will be tired of seeing my yard even though you have never seen it (Except for Miranda). SO I BE EXCITED!!! Plus, I got an iPod!! It's very cool. Well, let's have a picture because pictures are pretty.
Ummm, well, sorry it's sideways. . . but this is from a series with my dolls I started to make, I'm trying to work on the second episode. Of course the first one isn't done because the editing system I have won't except the file type for the video. :( WELLLLLL, when do (or did) you get out of school?

Peace out,


P.s. THANK YOU RACHEL~DOLL GIRL!!!!! 48 followers!!!


  1. I got out yesterday, and I'm already super excited for dolly time! :D


  2. I got out 2 weeks ago!:)

    I hope you have a great summer!:)

  3. I got out last week!
    (Have a great summer)

  4. Your lucky, I don't get out of school till June 29th!!


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