Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome Home, Jessica!

 "Hmmm, I think this is where our new friends live, Barksey," said the new girl, walking towards a room full of excited dolls.
 "Hi!"greeted a girl with brown hair and a white headband, "My name is Molly and this is Nicole and we're currently running for mayor, so we're going to show you around!"
"Hello!" greeted Nicole to the new girl.
"Hey! My name is Jessica Kanani Akina, you can call me Jessica or Kanani, I don't really care," said Jessica, glad to meet some friendly faces.
 "Hello Jessica! I am your soon to be mayor! Miss Rebbeca Rubin! Welcome to Creekwater!" shouted an enthusiastic Beckie.
"Hello," replied Jessica, slightly taken aback by this odd girl.
"Beckie, leave her alone!" scolded a girl with short brown hair.
 "Hi, I'm Chrissa. Your current mayor, and we're all so glad that you could come, Jessica!" said Chrissa, in a warm and welcoming way.
"Hello Chrissa! I'm glad to be here!" answered Jessica, taking a liking to this nice girl.
"Why don't I show you around?"
 So Jessica and Chrissa went to the first room.
"Hello! My name is Emily and I'm friends with Molly over there," said a nice girl with a British accent and red hair. "I think that we're going to be good friends."
"Okay, girls, why don't you all tell Jessica your names," said Chrissa, walking over to a massive crowd of eager dolls.
"I'm Gwen."
"My name's Mia." Said the first three girls.
 "I'm Alyssa Connaway."
"And I'm Gwendolyn, but you can call me Dodo."
 "I'm Lucy, I'm also running for mayor. Welcome to  Creekwater!"
 "Hi! My name is Sonali," said a girl with long black hair as Jessica moved on to the next group. "And this is Bella, Timmy, and Emily."
"I'm Felicity and this is my friend-" said Felicity, being cut off by her friend.
"Elizabeth." said generally shy Lizzie, "My name is Elizabeth and I think that you will fit right in here, Jessica."
"Oh, I hope so!" answered a now excited Jessica.
 She then moved on to the next group of girls.
"My name's Christina and this is Kit, Samantha and Julie," introduced a girl with blond hair, wearing a cute pink outfit. "So you're REALLY from Hawaii?" Then the girls went on talking about there personal travel and where each of them came from.
 "Hey! My name's Cammrie."
"I'm Evelyne, or Evey."
"And I'm Marisol," said three new girls once Jessica had finished talking with Christina.

"Hi, you're going to be sharing a bed with me!" said the girl named Marisol, "I hope you feel welcome!"
"I do!" answered Jessica.


Thanks for reading! Jessica has settled in just fine and is positively wonderfully awesome point five!

Peace out,

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