Sunday, July 31, 2011


 Today I went to Wal-mart and found these adorable necklaces in their 18" section (I think it's called Friend's Boutique)! It came with four and was around five dollars.
 Molly is modeling a red one, this one I like to loop over twice. :)
 Same with Lucy's that has a slightly larger blue bead.
 Emily has on a white one, that has 'pearls' on it. :)
And Gwen has my favorite, a large blue one! It's just adorable! :)

So this was a very short post. Do you like the new look? :) The  picture was from a photo shoot I did for a series I had an idea for. Details later! :)

Bunny Kisses,

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photo Edits for Songs

Hi everyone! So today I wanted to share with you something that I've been doing for a month or so, taking pictures of my dolls and putting song lyrics on them! I have done four so far. Three for Owl City and one for Taylor Swift. I think next I will try a Starship one. :)
So here is the first one I did:
This one was made for Owl City's song "Galaxies". The lyrics I chose were 'Let felicity fly', for obvious reasons. :) 

 Then I made this one for Owl City's song "Butterfly Wings", because my dolls have some wings I found at a yard sale. The lyrics I chose were 'So we hope that tomorrow brings us our butterfly wings' and tried to show a yearn for freedom through Evey. :)

 After that I did Taylor Swift's song "Enchanted", which is the AGMV I'm working on. I chose the lyrics 'I'm wonder struck dancing around all alone' because of the word wonder struck. It's so pretty! So Lizzie is dancing around all alone in a fancy dress.
The most recent one I made was for Owl City's song "Plant Life". Chrissa was dressed up as Adam Young (don't ask, it's for something), so I thought I might as well take a picture for a song. The lyrics I chose were 'And I wish that plant life would grow all around me so I won't feel dead anymore'. I love the way this one turned out.

Thank you for reading! :)

Bunny Kisses,

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lucy's Ignaguration

Hi everyone! This morning Lucy officially became Mayor! Nothing scary has happened yet. Mainly because I was preoccupied watching Desperate Housewives this afternoon, but that's not the point. lol
 It was a lovely July day and all the dolls were gathered in front of a podium, waiting for Kirsten to swear-in Lucy.
"Hello everyone! Welcome to the ceremony today," said Kirsten in her sweet voice.
 "Today we are here to make Miss Lucy mayor, but before we do let's take a minute to thank Chrissa Maxwell for her part and the wonderful things she has done for this community!" There was applause for Chrissa (who chose not to be seen since she's still dressed as the boy for my Enchanted video), and then Kirsten continued with the ceremony. "Now would Lucy please step up here with me?"
 Lucy stepped up on to the 'stage', slightly nervous, and there was applause for her.
 Kirsten started to swear-in Lucy, on the special edition Molly book.
 I have no idea what they were supposed to say so I just made stuff up:
"I, Lucy Belladonna, promise to do my best to help this community and make every decision with the welfare of it in mind."
 As she finished, Kirsten and Lucy turned around to the applause, welcoming the new mayor of Creekwater!
"Thank you ladies, and Timmy, for coming today for this special day!"
 The crowd! (By the way, Chrissa is in the back with the hat on.)
New group photo!! :) Top (L to R): Evey, Felicity, Elizabeth, Samantha, Julie, Gwen Mia, Christina, Jessica, Emily, Nicole, Molly, Kirsten, Cammrie, Samantha Mae, Molly Ann, and Lucy.
Bottom (L to R): Sonali, Lanie, Bella, Alyssa, Chrissa, Emily, Timmy, Rebecca, Marisol, Kit, and Gwendolyn.

Thanks for reading! :)

Bunny Kisses,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fashion Tag and Otherness

Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven't posted all week, but I've been busy. I'm never busy, but this week I went to a sleepover and some relatives were in town so I have been away from the Blog. :) Anyway, Emma tagged me with a fashion tag! So I am wearing jean Capri pants, an orange tank top, with a white shirt and Macaw on it over it, a silver bracelet, red bracelet, and green bracelet, as well as a hot pink watch. I don't know if jewelry counts, but I put it in anyway. :) And my favorite item is the watch, it's some what new and pink. I tag Miranda, Caelen, and Starra.

Now for otherness. I am so stumped on what to do! I have like no ideas for what my dolls can do! Right now I trying to work on an AGMV for Enchanted, but I sort of took a 'break'. In other words I am also stumped on how to continue with that. But I am slightly forced to have an idea tomorrow because Lucy is going to be inaugurated. And then there will probably be doll posts about what sort of insane stuff Lucy does. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE that Lucy will be mayor because it will be so interesting. Just in case those of you that voted for her thought I didn't want her to be mayor. :)
So if you have any ideas for what I could do I would really really love if you commented or emailed (About Me page). I will give you full credit, whether it's on my blog or on my YouTube I will give you credit for the idea!

So thanks times two gagillion if you read all of this or if you give me an idea! I give you virtual pie.


Peace Out,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Basketball Game (By Julie)

Hi everyone! Today I, Julie, will be telling you about a basketball game me and Hollie had recently.

 "Okay," said Lucy, who was going to start off the game. "So the first one to two wins. Let's get this thing started!"
 She threw the ball up in the air and we both dove for it.
 Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough and Hollie got it first.
 She started towards the goal and I did my best to block.
But she scored.
 "One to zero, Hollie!" announced Chrissa, the score keeper and one of my best friends.
 After the ball hit the ground I swept it up before Hollie got the chance to steal it.
 I started to fake to the right to throw Hollie off.
 And then I turned quickly, to run past her.
I approached the goal and started to shoot.

 "Uhhhg," moaned Hollie, when I turned earlier it surprised her and she lost her balance.
 As Hollie was moaning on the ground I managed to score! Nothing but net, baby!
 "Are you okay Hollie?" I asked after scoring. "Yeah yeah yeah, I'm fine," she said, getting off the ground.
 "One all!" exclaimed Chrissa, glad that I had scored, "Game point!"
Later Emily told me that her and Hollie's sister, Gwen had on the same sweater!
"Hey," said Gwen, "We have on the same sweater thing!"
"Why I suppose we do," agreed Emily in her proper English accent.
 I reclaimed the ball when Hollie got up, and, while we were busy in the game, Gwen was being sneaky.
 But she hopped back in her chair before anyone noticed.
 Unfortunately, I lost my footing and tripped over a rock!
"AHK!!" I screeched, falling down while Hollie sprang for the ball. 
 She approached the basket and scored.
 "What?" exclaimed Gwen, since she wanted me to win even though she was a relative of my competitor. "That wasn't supposed to happen!"
 "Two to one, Hollie wins," said a disappointed Chrissa.
 Gwen came over to help me up.
"You okay?" she asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"OH YEAH!!! IN YOUR FACE!!! I WOOOOON!! I WON I WON I WON!!!" celebrated Hollie, oblivious to her surroundings.
 So it surprised no one when she tripped over the rock.
Ah, isn't it lovely how the universe has a way of balancing itself?

The end! Thank you for reading!!

Jules :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I look awesome! (by Gwen)

Hello good people of the Blogosphere! Today your absolute favorite (wink wink) of the dolls here, Gwen, is here! So today I come to give you some news we have been postponing. I have to apologize that we didn't let you know about this sooner, but I'm now gonna tell you! The news is:
I look awesome!! Did I trick you? Okay, if the post title wasn't 'I look awesome' would you have been tricked? I thought so.
Of course, this news shouldn't surprise any of you. I am just so awesome that I look gorgeous even when I fall off of the dresser and mess up my hair. But today I look particularly gorgeous. Don't you just LOVE my outfit?
In case you were wondering this is what I have on:
  1. The Real Me meet shirt
  2. A pleated denim skit Phoebe's mom made
  3. Leggings from Licorice Play Outfit
  4. Shoes from Star Hoodie meet outfit
  5. AG Place specific hair ties (the ones that came with the red high tops)
Yes. I know. I am a fashion genius. But, when you look like me what can you expect? Someone with the fashion  sense of Evelyne? Sneakers with a lovely ball gown? Sure it's unique and fun, but not like this!
This morning I realized how amazing I looked, so I made a video about it! Click here to watch my amazing acting capabilities. Even though I don't truly act, just watch how much the camera loves my pretty face!
Thank you very much for reading about lovely me. :)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hi everyone! So this afternoon I made a YouTube account!!! So here is the link. I have one video of my dolls up right now, I am not very comfortable on camera so I sound bad. Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you could check it out!
Now, I'm not going to start neglecting my blog! It's still my favorite. I am a Blogger first and a YouTube person second. :) Plus I'm really bad at filming! XD
Well, thank you for reading this incredibly short and boring post!! :)
Bunny Kisses,