Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Amazing Life of Nicole Smith entry 3

Hello everyone! I apologize for not having posted in so long, but today I am! I would have my picture in the corner again, but Blogger put it in the wrong direction. :( So yesterday was the election, I came in second. To Lucy. That sort of scares me. Oh well, I did much better than last year. Last time I came in third with only four votes from the dolls, this year I received eight! I was the dolls first choice, but the winner usually depends on the online poll. Chrissa only got three doll votes, but she won last year!

Anyway, recently we have been working on a photo story. It will be on Picasa later this week. It was really fun (according to Christina, who was in the first part) to make. I will be in it, too. I might get in trouble for telling you this, but in it we were going to have a dance! A dance that we have been putting off for a couple of months now. :)

So, one more thing. Do you guys not enjoy my posts? Please tell the truth, would you rather Phoebe blog more instead of me, or do you like my posts? I was just wondering. :)
Have a nice day!

Okay maybe just one more! Would you guys like it if we made videos? This just sort of is totally random, but we have tried to do Stop motion before, would you like to see it? If you get to see it by the wonderful miracle that Blogger would upload it, and you like it, Phoebe might try to get a YouTube account. Of course, if she's allowed.

Thank you for reading my ramblings! :)

~Miss Nicole Farah Smith


  1. I like your posts! You can show the videos, I would like to see it!!! :D



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