Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Basketball Game (By Julie)

Hi everyone! Today I, Julie, will be telling you about a basketball game me and Hollie had recently.

 "Okay," said Lucy, who was going to start off the game. "So the first one to two wins. Let's get this thing started!"
 She threw the ball up in the air and we both dove for it.
 Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough and Hollie got it first.
 She started towards the goal and I did my best to block.
But she scored.
 "One to zero, Hollie!" announced Chrissa, the score keeper and one of my best friends.
 After the ball hit the ground I swept it up before Hollie got the chance to steal it.
 I started to fake to the right to throw Hollie off.
 And then I turned quickly, to run past her.
I approached the goal and started to shoot.

 "Uhhhg," moaned Hollie, when I turned earlier it surprised her and she lost her balance.
 As Hollie was moaning on the ground I managed to score! Nothing but net, baby!
 "Are you okay Hollie?" I asked after scoring. "Yeah yeah yeah, I'm fine," she said, getting off the ground.
 "One all!" exclaimed Chrissa, glad that I had scored, "Game point!"
Later Emily told me that her and Hollie's sister, Gwen had on the same sweater!
"Hey," said Gwen, "We have on the same sweater thing!"
"Why I suppose we do," agreed Emily in her proper English accent.
 I reclaimed the ball when Hollie got up, and, while we were busy in the game, Gwen was being sneaky.
 But she hopped back in her chair before anyone noticed.
 Unfortunately, I lost my footing and tripped over a rock!
"AHK!!" I screeched, falling down while Hollie sprang for the ball. 
 She approached the basket and scored.
 "What?" exclaimed Gwen, since she wanted me to win even though she was a relative of my competitor. "That wasn't supposed to happen!"
 "Two to one, Hollie wins," said a disappointed Chrissa.
 Gwen came over to help me up.
"You okay?" she asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"OH YEAH!!! IN YOUR FACE!!! I WOOOOON!! I WON I WON I WON!!!" celebrated Hollie, oblivious to her surroundings.
 So it surprised no one when she tripped over the rock.
Ah, isn't it lovely how the universe has a way of balancing itself?

The end! Thank you for reading!!

Jules :)


  1. I was hoping Julie would win. But CONGRATS Hollie!!! =)

  2. wow this awesome! I love the photos they are great


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