Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blogoversary, Giveaway winner, and mooooreeee

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us on this lovely July day, which happens to be LTD's one year anniversary. Now, the moment all ten of those wonderful people that entered were waiting for, the winner(s) of my giveaway! (Note: I chose this by putting everyone's name on a piece of paper and drawing in out of a hat, it was totally random.)
So, the first winner was Miranda! Yay! And since she lives like two miles away from my house, I decided to have a second winner.
That second winner was Caelen!! Yay!
So, Miranda, you can either comment or email me saying which backpack you want, and Caelen please email me your address. :)

Now, one more thing before the lengthy post of pictures I have planned. Happy birthday to Priya and to Winx Club Fan! :) Have a wonderful birthday!

Now, be prepared to see way too many pictures in one post.
 "Hello, my name is Emily Bennet! Thank you all for coming to our celebratory Blogoversary Fashion Show!"
 "I will be your hostess today, now let us welcome our first model!"
 "First up, we have lovely Miss Sonali Mila."
 "Sonali is wearing the cardigan from the Ruby Ribbon outfit, a homemade tank top, a pink skirt from Micheal's, the tights from Kit's holiday dress, and boots from the Snowy Chic outfit. Thank you, Sonali."
"Next is a dear friend of mine, Miss Molly McIntire."
 "Molly is seen in the headband from the Ruby Ribbon outfit, Marisol's meet shrug, the pants from the 2 in 1 Beach Outfit, and Chrissa's Meet shoes. Lovely job, Molly."
 "Now, we have lovely Miss Lucy Belladona!"
 "Lucy is seen wearing the two tone glasses, a purple Our Generation tank top, the I Like Your Style meet skort, tights from Rebecca's Holiday outfit, legwarmers from the Snowy Owl dress, and the shoes also from the Snowy Owl dress. Excellent, Lucy."
 "Next is Miss Rebecca Rubin."
 "Rebecca is seen wearing the flower from the AG Place Cafe, the shirt from the Pink Tank and Brief set, the jumper from the Jumper and Boots set, and Kit's meet shoes. Lovey job, Rebecca."
 "Up next we have beautiful Miss Gwendolyn Sieanna."
 "Gwendolyn is seen in the hat from the Snowy Owl dress, the purple shirt from doll tees, Sonali's meet sweater, Capri pants from the Coconut's Best Friend outfit, and a pair of the Real Me meet shoes. Excellent, Gwendolyn."
"Now is Miss Mia St.Clair."
 "Mia is seen wearing Lanie's meet dress, a pair of tights from Samantha's holiday outfit that had some trouble along the way, and the boots from the Red Vinyl Jumper outfit. Lovely, Mia."
 "After Mia, we have Miss Evelyne Barker."
"Hi Evey!"
"Hi Felicity!"
 "Miss Evelyne is seen wearing a plain white t-shirt from  Micheal's, a denim skirt also from Micheal's, Nicki's Ski Vest, the tights from the Holiday Shoe set, and the shoes from Felicity's Tea Lesson Gown. Beautiful, Evey."
 "Now we have Miss Lanie Holland in her rendition of the Dalton uniform off of Glee."
"Lanie's outfit consists of the pink sunglasses from Kanani's Aloha outfit, the red sweater from Molly's Halloween costume, a homemade grey skirt, the blue socks from AG's socks and tights set, and the shoes from Kit's Holiday dress. Lovely, Lanie."
(Note: If you don't know about some stuff then the sunglasses won't make sense, but trust me, it is a logical pairing.)
 "Now we have another good friend of mine, Miss Elizabeth Cole."
"Elizabeth is dressed in the cardigan and dress from Lanie's Butterfly outfit, and Rebecca's meet shoes. Thank you, Elizabeth."
 "Now is Miss Samantha Parkington."
 "Samantha is seen is a homemade shirt from the Liberty Jane patterns, a skirt bought from a craft show, and Rebecca's school shoes. Lovely, Sam."
 "Now, last, but certainly not least we have lovely Miss Gwen Larnes."
 "Gwen is seen sporting a craft show shrug, another Liberty Jane pattern plum shirt, a homemade black corduroy skirt, the stockings from the Ruby Ribbon dress, and a pair of Riding boots. Beautiful, Gwen! Now, would all models please step out once more?"
"Once again this is Emily Bennet, thank you for joining us today!"

So yeah! This is also my 150th post, thank you for reading!! :)

Bunny Kisses,


  1. How fun! Happy Blogaversary, 150th post and...well, happy day!

  2. Happy 150th, AND Happy blogoversery to BOTH of us! :D And backpack B. (I already e-mailed you that, but just to make sure.)

    Oh, and cute post! Lanie's outfit was kind of an, "Oh, of COURSE Lanie would wear something like what they wear on Glee!"


  3. Winx club fan is my Brother.:)Thank you Soooooooooooo much for saying Happy Birthday to him,it made him Soooooooooooo happy.:)


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