Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Dolly Dance part 2

Hi everyone! Here is part 2 of the dance, please go read part 1 first! Sorry for the bad picture quality for some of these, I was in sort of a photography slump. :)
In the days leading up to the dance, everything was insane! All the dolls that were invited, which was only 12 not including Kit, Samantha, Julie, and Christina, were trying to get their hair done and pick out just the perfect dress. You can tell they were desperate since Cammrie asked Evey for fashion advice!
But finally the day came! Dolls were lined up outside the closet for a good six feet. (That's way more if you are a doll.)
Kit was collecting invitations at the door.
While the other three girls were making some last minute adjustments.
When everyone had made their way into the closet, Julie made a welcoming 'speech'.
"Hello everyone, thank you for coming today! The other dolls and I have worked very hard to have this party for you, so we hope you have a wonderful time today! Okay, Christina, you can start the music!"
So Christina started the music, which happened to be the Glee cover of Thriller/Heads Will Roll.
So the dolls danced! There was a few clusters.
Dolls danced over in the corner, too. These were the more normal dolls.
But, some chose to sit and talk with each other.
A few songs later Nicole stood up and shouted:
When Somebody to Love came on. (Of course it was the awesome Glee cover with Kevin McHale and Chord Overstreet.)

And so the party continued. . .
"And it's a sad picture," sang Dodo when Change came on, "the final blow hits you, somebody else gets what you wanted again. . ."
"You know it's all the same, another time and place," sang back Rebecca, who was in a quarrel with Gwendolyn recently over Kirsten knows what, "Repeating history and you're getting sick of it."
"But I believe in whatever you do."
"And I'll do anything to see it through!"
The girls continued to sing back and forth.

"I don't like you, Gwendolyn," hissed Rebecca in an instrumental section.
"I don't like you, either, Rebecca," replied Gwendolyn.
Luckily the song ended soon and the girls went their separate ways.
"Hey," began Jessica, trying to break the awkward silence, "I have a camera, why don't we take pictures?"
"That sounds great, Jessica!" agreed Marisol. (Uhgggg, bad picture!!!) The next few photos Jessica took.
(Left to Right, bottom to top) Marisol, Cammrie, and Gwendolyn, with Christina in the back.
Elizabeth, Emily, and Samantha.
Molly wigging out to some song.
The decorations.
Lucy being, well, Lucy.
"Okay, do you girls want to see them?" asked Jessica when she finished. A group crowded around to see the pictures.
Meanwhile, Evelyne was telling Chrissa how that Glee passed up an awesome opportunity.
"Shouldn't Kurt SO have sang Mean to Karofsky right before he transferred?"
"Yeah! He should have," agreed Chrissa.
"Come on Elizabeth, you don't have to dance, just come watch!" Emily tried to get her friend to come to the circle with her.
The other girls that weren't dancing gathered round and discussed things of dollish interest.
While Chrissa spazzed out to Just the Way You Are.
Various dolls stood in the center from song to song to dance.
When Evey danced to Don't You Want Me (Glee, of course!), she magically got a pair of pink sunglasses.
And, because she is a good little Gleek, proceeded to fall down when the song finished. Just like on the show.
After DYWM, she and Lucy pretended they were drunk, since that song was in Blame It On The Alcohol. (Note: This was totally inappropriate, they should not have done this.)
Of course Emily stopped them, though.
The dolls listened to the play list Christina pick out. And since she is awesome she put Owl City songs on it. So when they came on, her and Jessica would shout "OWL CITY!!!" rather loudly.
Gwendolyn and Rebecca had another little Taylor Swift-off thing, but it wasn't as intense.
And so the bad dancing continued.
"Alright everyone!" said Julie as the party drew to a close. "Thank you all for coming! I hope you had a great time! See you next time!"
The End!!

Thank you for reading! And thank you for 60 followers!!! OMJ I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!! You rawk.

Bunny Kisses,

P.s. No idea why the last picture is to the left. It says it's centered! grrrrrrrr. . . .


  1. Wow, great photostory, Phoebe!! :D Do you have any tips for making a photostory, I could really use some!

  2. My fav. was, "Molly wigging out to some song." XD



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