Friday, July 22, 2011

I look awesome! (by Gwen)

Hello good people of the Blogosphere! Today your absolute favorite (wink wink) of the dolls here, Gwen, is here! So today I come to give you some news we have been postponing. I have to apologize that we didn't let you know about this sooner, but I'm now gonna tell you! The news is:
I look awesome!! Did I trick you? Okay, if the post title wasn't 'I look awesome' would you have been tricked? I thought so.
Of course, this news shouldn't surprise any of you. I am just so awesome that I look gorgeous even when I fall off of the dresser and mess up my hair. But today I look particularly gorgeous. Don't you just LOVE my outfit?
In case you were wondering this is what I have on:
  1. The Real Me meet shirt
  2. A pleated denim skit Phoebe's mom made
  3. Leggings from Licorice Play Outfit
  4. Shoes from Star Hoodie meet outfit
  5. AG Place specific hair ties (the ones that came with the red high tops)
Yes. I know. I am a fashion genius. But, when you look like me what can you expect? Someone with the fashion  sense of Evelyne? Sneakers with a lovely ball gown? Sure it's unique and fun, but not like this!
This morning I realized how amazing I looked, so I made a video about it! Click here to watch my amazing acting capabilities. Even though I don't truly act, just watch how much the camera loves my pretty face!
Thank you very much for reading about lovely me. :)



  1. OMG! MY Gwen just posted! :o

    Gwen, you DO look amazing! :D


  2. Gwen you look great,love that outfit.:)

  3. Great! I <3 both your videos!!! :)


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