Friday, July 29, 2011

Lucy's Ignaguration

Hi everyone! This morning Lucy officially became Mayor! Nothing scary has happened yet. Mainly because I was preoccupied watching Desperate Housewives this afternoon, but that's not the point. lol
 It was a lovely July day and all the dolls were gathered in front of a podium, waiting for Kirsten to swear-in Lucy.
"Hello everyone! Welcome to the ceremony today," said Kirsten in her sweet voice.
 "Today we are here to make Miss Lucy mayor, but before we do let's take a minute to thank Chrissa Maxwell for her part and the wonderful things she has done for this community!" There was applause for Chrissa (who chose not to be seen since she's still dressed as the boy for my Enchanted video), and then Kirsten continued with the ceremony. "Now would Lucy please step up here with me?"
 Lucy stepped up on to the 'stage', slightly nervous, and there was applause for her.
 Kirsten started to swear-in Lucy, on the special edition Molly book.
 I have no idea what they were supposed to say so I just made stuff up:
"I, Lucy Belladonna, promise to do my best to help this community and make every decision with the welfare of it in mind."
 As she finished, Kirsten and Lucy turned around to the applause, welcoming the new mayor of Creekwater!
"Thank you ladies, and Timmy, for coming today for this special day!"
 The crowd! (By the way, Chrissa is in the back with the hat on.)
New group photo!! :) Top (L to R): Evey, Felicity, Elizabeth, Samantha, Julie, Gwen Mia, Christina, Jessica, Emily, Nicole, Molly, Kirsten, Cammrie, Samantha Mae, Molly Ann, and Lucy.
Bottom (L to R): Sonali, Lanie, Bella, Alyssa, Chrissa, Emily, Timmy, Rebecca, Marisol, Kit, and Gwendolyn.

Thanks for reading! :)

Bunny Kisses,


  1. Congrats Lucy!! I really wanted Lucy to win. =)

  2. I love all of your dolls,they look so cute.:)I really wanted Kirsten for one of my dolls.:(I love your pictures.:)Keep up the great work.:D

  3. LOL Thank you ladies, and Timmy! XD I cracked up at that part!



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