Sunday, July 31, 2011


 Today I went to Wal-mart and found these adorable necklaces in their 18" section (I think it's called Friend's Boutique)! It came with four and was around five dollars.
 Molly is modeling a red one, this one I like to loop over twice. :)
 Same with Lucy's that has a slightly larger blue bead.
 Emily has on a white one, that has 'pearls' on it. :)
And Gwen has my favorite, a large blue one! It's just adorable! :)

So this was a very short post. Do you like the new look? :) The  picture was from a photo shoot I did for a series I had an idea for. Details later! :)

Bunny Kisses,


  1. Oh yes, I love the new header. Very fluffy, which is always an epic WIN!

    Hmm, I'll have to bribe my guardian to check out Wal-Mart now! Might be difficult though...I'm sure there's some sort of bribe I can come up with... x)

    <3 Jamie

  2. I love your new design!! Awesome!! The necklaces are awesome, too! And tell Lucy congrats for mayor!

    Sorry I haven't been commenting! I'm back from ME so - hooray - home and internet! yay!!

  3. Yes the new header is amazing! Rebecca looks adorable with the scarf!!
    You got those at walmart?!? Wow they are so cute and they are such great quality!!

  4. I LOVE the new header! It's SOOOO cute!!


  5. Cool. I LOVE your new blog look


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