Friday, July 15, 2011

Picasa Memory Stuff and new pictures!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Today I was trying to upload pictures to Picasa, I got one up, and then I got distracted and tried to fix my memory issue. I did some random searching and found out that in order to get more memory you have to buy it. Which is saddening. I'm pretty sure that is not a word. Oh well. So I'm back to just being upset about this. In that case it might be a while before you hear from moi again, Blogger just makes me more sad because I would have to stop uploading pictures and I really love to upload my pictures for you. :( I'm totally doomed.
Now, since we were mentioning pictures, that dance photostory, I'm still working on uploading the first part to Picasa. If I can, I'll put the second part on here so I can enjoy pictures while I still can. But, on Tuesday, I think, Miranda and I (proper grammar! yeah, man.) made a photostory together! It's basically the same story but we both took pictures. So Julie's version of what happened will hopefully be up later this month (lol, low expections of yourself there, Phoebe!). SO here is a sneak peak of the photo story:
This is of Julie and Hollie, playing basketball! :)
Oh, and, not that anybody was really concerned, but I have decided on the next doll that I will get! It won't be for a few months (until I get enough money or until my birthday/Christmas) but the next girly I want is #30! She would be Lucy's sister named Maggie Loren Belladona.

Warm and Fuzzy Bunny Kisses,

(who has Honey and the Bee, a warm and fuzzy song, stuck in her head)


  1. Try Photobucket. It is free. They give you a lot of memory. And when you fill that up, just open another Photobucket account up under a different email address.

  2. Yup! I have the pictures(shown from different angles!) and I'm not sure when I'll upload them... I've been so lazy, that pretty much the only big thing I did today was play Dungeons and Dragons with my family for two hours... :(


  3. What?! U mean that when the memory is up,u can't post pics on ur blog?! I just started a picasa without thinking,and now that means no more pics?! I am outrageous right now! Lol'

    I am dooom!!!!

  4. Great choice for a doll!! And a lovely name, too. If I could get another AG, I would get Molly, Kit, Ivy, or Kanani. Since I don't think I can get any more AG's, I'm thinking about getting a Hearts for Hearts Girl doll... sometime... :D

  5. Oh my gosh! I didn't no that! I just started a picasa!!!

  6. Oh, and just as an FYI, you ALREADY have a Picasa if you have a blog. So, when you first create your google account, you can say, "I have a Picasa."



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