Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New AG Stuff. . .AGAIN!

Okay, so hey! I'm sure you've all noticed the new doll stuff by now. Of course, this wouldn't be the Internet if everyone and their brother didn't put up their opinions, so here's mine. :)

First of all, I love the new dolls! The blond one I just lovelovelove because of her hair! She already has a name. :) Liliana. And the second, well, she has the short brown hair and the side bangs. Which is my hair. IT IS! OMJ THAT GIRL HAS MY HAIR! But she also has brown eyes and mine are blue. So I shall now stalk the Internet looking for someone that swaps eyes.

Nexxxxttt, the new outfits are okay. I already have the holiday dresses on my list. And the Sweet School Dress is soo pretty it might kill me. The Sporty Winter outfit reminds me of an equestrian outfit. And yeah. Plus, that Ivy mini doll? Thank you Wall-Mart! I mean, uh, thank you AG!! I have wanted a mini Ivy for, oh yeah, like forever!!

Lastly, THEY BROUGHT IT BACK!!! THEY BROUGHT THE PIANO BACK!!! I loved that thing! Well, after they retired it I loved it. And now they brought her back! YES!!! Now just keep it for a while, AG, until I might buy it.

So yes. Also, if any of you would care I have ultimately removed 53 off my list. She doesn't fit my Sydnie the best.

Peace Out!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Day of Summer :(

Yeah so I have to go back to school tomorrow. I'm not really that sad about it though, except now I won't have much time. Oh well, I'll make time. Plus I get an extra hour after school because we start earlier so that means more time to get stuff done so I won't have to completely ignore you. :)
I was working on filming today. I'll try to get episode one done and posted this weekend. :)
As this last post of the summer I would give you some pictures but my memory finally filled up soooo. . . I'll put pics I already had on Picasa! Problem Solving, yay!!

Random Lanie pictures!! Yayness! I love my Lanie girl (Oh, excuse me, I 'less than three' my Lanie girl lol). So the first picture was from my Glee album. It was Lanie's shame face. lol Poor Lanie was getting yelled at by Alyssa for obsessively fan girling over Darren. ;) And the second one, well, that would take some explaining. But it's just super pretty. I love the way her eyes look.

Anyway, I'll speak with you later! Wish me luck tomorrow. ;) When do you start (or when did you start) school?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Indeed. So today I went to Ulta and got a pink hair clip. And I put it in Gwen's hair! She is so pretty!
Just one of many pics. :) But I had to cut it to fit for Gwen. I'm so happy with how it turned out! I posted a video on YouTube of how I put it in and stuff. It might be a while before you see it, it's taking ages to upload, though.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 22, 2011

What we have been doing. . .

Hey everyone! It's Sonali, for some odd reason, and today I will tell you about what we have been doing.

Which will be soooooo boring because we haven't been doing ANYTHING!!! It is soooooo lame! All we do is like stand around on the dresser and change clothes and stuff! Not that I don't just love clothes, but seriously. Besides, we were filming and I'm not even in the show yet! I might get the part of the creepy stylist, but I think Evey would do that part better. She's a total freak.

*Evey walks up to the computer*
E-Hey Sonali, what up?
Moi- Uhhh.
*Evey reads post, I prepare for the wrath of le Glee obsessed doll*
E- I toads agree Nalurt, I am better suited for the part.
*Evey leaves*

Okay, so case in point. But anyway, notice how she called me Nalurt???? It annoys me to no end!! I mean seriously!! Of course sometimes we call Felicity Kelicity, but she enjoys that. Whatever. I have much better hair, anyways.

So, we like soooo totally need to edit our videos! I mean we have one that we were supposed to post like a week ago that only has four clips put together! Of course I'm not in it so I don't especially care, but for the sake of the others it should be posted.

Also, I mentioned we have a series in the make. It stars Alyssa. And is kind of lame. Just my opinion. I mean a singer that wants to get famous? Seriously? Who hasn't made that series before? Let me think, uhhhhh, LIKE EVERYONE HAS DONE THAT!! Of course we're trying to put a 'creative spin' on it by making Rebecca evil. Wow, she basically doesn't have to act! Haha! No one likes Rebecca. She's so self centered. And Jessica is the mean girl, which requires skill because she's so sweet. And kind of a ditz like Sam. She's basically Sam, but loves Owl City. Sam as in Samantha, btw. Just so you know.

One thing's good about this series, though. Lanie was forbidden to be in it. She looks too similar to Alyssa and Gwendolyn was already cast as her older sister. I'm rambling. But everyone loves me. It's not like I'm Mia going on about how that she's aloud to wear the pink sunglasses because of such and such or whatever. Mia has gotten really weird lately. Anyway I ran out of things to say.



Friday, August 19, 2011


Okay, sorry for the caps, but I  am FREAKINGOUTRIGHTNOWSOBADLY!! Okay so I got an AG magazine today and they have doll crafts now. I was looking at the pics and saw this beauty:
Um, so no idea why she is sidewayssss, but isn't she cute??? At first I mistook her for #21, but at closer look I noticed she has Kit eyes!!
So is she a prototype? A new MAG? Whatever she is I love her! I must get this girl now. :)

Peace Out,

Phoebe (who doesn't feel like putting up her ending pic)

P.S. Please don't use my picture without my permission. ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Day Dolls

Yep! I'm baaack! With a post that might actually be interesting! It's about my some-day dolls. Or dolls I would like to get some day. Most of them are MAGs, but that's mainly what I like. :) Some will be dolls I actually will buy (like Maggie) and some will just be 'that would be so awesome if I actually got her' dolls (Like Quinn and Rachel). So, with out further ado, here is my list:

1. Maggie Loren Belladona (#30)
Maggie is Lucy's twin sister. So I will have to get this one. ;) She will have the raspberry glasses and have pierced ears. I think her character will be like Lucy (insane) but sort of the opposite. Like instead of being violent like Lucy she would extremely nice. And kind of scary at first. But I don't really have her character worked out yet.

2. Daphne Elanor Clane (#55)
Daphne is sort of hard to explain with out making me sound creepy. Okay, so everyone knows I like Glee and it's awesomeness. As well as Darren Criss (Blaine). So when the three new ones were released online I noticed (okay more like realized and then freaked out) that #55 looks like an 11 year old female version of Darren. That sounds so weird. XD So, thus Daphey was created. She already has a gang and I probably won't get her for a few months. I hope this doesn't scare you. :)

3. Sydney Catherine Everett (#53)
Should it be spelled Sydney or Sydnie? Anyway Sydney is one of my Original Characters in a really weird story I write. And #53 looks like her. I'm not going to go into detail about her because she actually makes me seem so weird. Let's just say she's like another Lanie. But worse.

4. Heather Felicia Mitsy (#19)
So I want Heather because she is the only doll left with Felicity eyes. She is named after Heather Morris (Brittany Peirce on Glee), Felicia Tillman on Desperate Housewives, and some random Aunt Mitsy in a grammar work sheet. Her character is not remotely figured out yet. But she's so pretty!!

5. Martha (she needs a middle name) (she needs a last name) (#41)
This one is a serious maybe. :) She is Gwendolyn's best friend from her old town. If you have any name suggestions pleasepleaseplease comment.

6. Rachel Barry (Custom)
I'm seriously never going to get her, BUT, she would be a Julie with a wig like what #14 has. She would be Rachel on Glee. And Alyssa would not like her. At all. ;)

7. Lucy Quinn Fabray (Goes by Quinn, though, and a custom but maybe AG could be nice and make one like her.)
I'm also never getting her unless AG makes one that looks like her. But a hazel eyed doll with the #27 or #22 wig. Basically Quinn from Glee.

So what do you think? Should Sydney be spelled that way or spelled Sydnie? Do you have any ideas for Martha's name?

Oh, also, the theme was Darren Criss. Miranda and Sara Jay both figured it out. :) And honorable mentions to Abbi! I didn't think of that. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

More Song Edits!! :)

Hey! So sorry I haven't posted in a while. I don't really have anything to post because I've been working on this series I have for YouTube. :) I might make a trailer soon. But not until next week because I will be out of town until Wednesday.
So I have three new photos for song lyrics. I just noticed I have an indirect theme to these. If you figure it out please comment! :)

This is for 'Paparazzi' by Lady Gaga. The lyrics I chose were 'I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me papa-paparazzi.' Blogger totally killed my quality, though. So Lanie is depicted standing in a bush, to 'spy' on a celebrity (in this case it was actually my dog) and she is wearing Kanani's pink sunglasses which look like Darren Criss' signature sunglasses. If you didn't know Lanie is totally obsessed with him. So it's supposed to be her 'being his paparazzi'. In your dreams, Lanie. Also, I put the dots on with draw on Picnik!
This one is for 'Dress and Tie' by Charlene Kaye featuring Darren Criss. The lyrics I chose were 'I'll wear that dress if you wear that tie.' And the picture (Which Blogger toads ruined, thank ya for that, buddy! grrr. . .) depicts Emily holding a tie (aka a ribbon I used my mad tie tying skill on) and an ominous doll hand holding a dress. This is pretty self explanatory. I just love this song. :)
The song for this one is 'Status Quo' by Darren Criss from the Starship musical. This is my favorite song from the first half (I got 'busy' after I watched that part. . . so yeaaaahhhh. . .) and the lyrics I chose were 'Who cares about normal? I'll never conform, I will be content to resent the status quo.' This shows Mia in a ridiculous outfit, she was wearing one boot and one flat even, in front of four blond dolls that were dressed in white and were supposed to represent the status quo. :)

Did you figure out the theme? ;) Don't judge, peepsles, it makes for interesting posts! And helps me forgive AG for their evils. lol

Monday, August 8, 2011

AG Sighting & GOTY 2012 Rant & Cecile and Marie-Grace

Long title. lol How is all yous? Imma good. ;) Prepare for probably my longest word post ever!
Last night I was watching Same Name on CBS, where celebrities swap lives with normal people that have the same name as them, and this episode was about Mike Tyson and, well, Mike Tyson! Anyway, one of the normal Mike Tyson's (not the celebrity) daughters was wearing Rebecca's Robe and Pajamas! It was so cool! When I saw it I nearly shouted: "That's Rebecca's robe!!" LOL!!

Next topic.
So, I'm sure most of you have heard about the movie for GOTY 2012. It sounds awesome! I think that a gymnast doll (Other than Ivy that has exactly one outfit and no mini doll. Shame, AG, shame.) would be really cute! However, there's one thing I don't like about this doll from what we've heard. Her name. Don't get me wrong, Velma is a cute name. Maybe for a Historical Character. But NOT for GOTY 2012! I think that the name for GOTYs should represent the year they are from. Like Caitlin. At one time I was in class with 3 Caitlins (different spellings, though). But they give us Velma? Really? There's a difference between uniqueness that's cute (Like Lanie, for instance, that's a unique name, but has seriously grown on me.), and uniqueness that's just odd. AG is trying too hard to be different. It makes me sad. :(  AG has lost their charm. Well, except for #55. She's just too awesome.

AG has released Cecile and Marie-Grace for pre-order! Go check it out! (After you read my post of course, lol. ;P) They're very pretty! But I'm disappointed with Marie-Grace. I was so excited about her. But she looks just like a dark haired Elizabeth (Or the real Lizzie.). I wish I could just buy her meet dress! :) But I really like Cecile! She's much cuter than I expected. And I love their clothes! Just love them. And I especially like Cecile's parrot. Must get. I have Addy's bird, so I have to complete my AG bird collection, that's currently just one, but still. ;) One more thing, what's with the pastels on the Fancy Dress? It's pretty but doesn't fit with the rest of their wardrobe and seems a little childish for the 18" line. All of their clothes seem to be that way now. I don't know, maybe I just want more sophisticated clothes for my dolls, but I don't really like the pastels.

Thanks for reading my ramblings! Please comment with your opinion. :)

Bunny Kisses,

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lanie & Lanie

Hi everyone! So today is my cousin Sadie's birthday, and I thought I would show you pictures of our two Lanie's together!
 Here they are! Mine is the one on the left, hers is on the right. Her Lanie is wearing the cutest riding outfit from Our Generation, I don't know if they still have it or not, which has the most awesome pair of brown pants ever! I don't have a pic of them, though, sorry.
We pretended that they were twin sisters and constantly arguing, so here's a squabble my Lanie likely started. She tends to annoy those around her. :)

Well, thank you for reading!

Bunny Kisses,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Outfit :)

Hello everyone! It's been awhile, hasn't it? Sorry about that. So today I went to Target and guess what I found???
So half of you (hopefully more) realized I got an outfit! Based on the title. But this outfit is awesome! Why? BECAUSE IT'S A NEW DOLL BRAND AT TARGET THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE FASHION SENSE!!

 Isn't it awesome?? It was about $16, and the brand is called Play Wonder. It came with everything shown except the shoes and Emily, of course. :) It fits pretty well, the pants are a little tight and the headband is too big because these dolls have larger heads than AG.
 So it came with a cute black and white shirt, a bag, a 'necklace', and (the reason I got this one) an adorable vest!!! Eeek! I love it! :)
It also has a pair of skiny jean type-things and a seperate pink skirt. The tag shows using the skirt by its self, too. It would be a little short for AG, but Mia's mini skirt was pretty short, too. You just have to pull it down farther.

So now that I have discovered these clothes it will take me forever to buy Maggie (#30)!! But it will be worth the wait!

Bunny Kisses,