Monday, August 8, 2011

AG Sighting & GOTY 2012 Rant & Cecile and Marie-Grace

Long title. lol How is all yous? Imma good. ;) Prepare for probably my longest word post ever!
Last night I was watching Same Name on CBS, where celebrities swap lives with normal people that have the same name as them, and this episode was about Mike Tyson and, well, Mike Tyson! Anyway, one of the normal Mike Tyson's (not the celebrity) daughters was wearing Rebecca's Robe and Pajamas! It was so cool! When I saw it I nearly shouted: "That's Rebecca's robe!!" LOL!!

Next topic.
So, I'm sure most of you have heard about the movie for GOTY 2012. It sounds awesome! I think that a gymnast doll (Other than Ivy that has exactly one outfit and no mini doll. Shame, AG, shame.) would be really cute! However, there's one thing I don't like about this doll from what we've heard. Her name. Don't get me wrong, Velma is a cute name. Maybe for a Historical Character. But NOT for GOTY 2012! I think that the name for GOTYs should represent the year they are from. Like Caitlin. At one time I was in class with 3 Caitlins (different spellings, though). But they give us Velma? Really? There's a difference between uniqueness that's cute (Like Lanie, for instance, that's a unique name, but has seriously grown on me.), and uniqueness that's just odd. AG is trying too hard to be different. It makes me sad. :(  AG has lost their charm. Well, except for #55. She's just too awesome.

AG has released Cecile and Marie-Grace for pre-order! Go check it out! (After you read my post of course, lol. ;P) They're very pretty! But I'm disappointed with Marie-Grace. I was so excited about her. But she looks just like a dark haired Elizabeth (Or the real Lizzie.). I wish I could just buy her meet dress! :) But I really like Cecile! She's much cuter than I expected. And I love their clothes! Just love them. And I especially like Cecile's parrot. Must get. I have Addy's bird, so I have to complete my AG bird collection, that's currently just one, but still. ;) One more thing, what's with the pastels on the Fancy Dress? It's pretty but doesn't fit with the rest of their wardrobe and seems a little childish for the 18" line. All of their clothes seem to be that way now. I don't know, maybe I just want more sophisticated clothes for my dolls, but I don't really like the pastels.

Thanks for reading my ramblings! Please comment with your opinion. :)

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  1. I don't like them. At all.
    And I don't like the name Velma. It erks me.
    Oh well. AG has seriously become cheap and annoying. Kananai's dog is named Barksee? Really? I would think they could do a lot better with all their products.

  2. Velma...blah on the name. And I'm not a gymnast, so I'm not near as excited as some people.
    Cecile and Marie Grace...I LOVE them. :) See my blog.

  3. That's so cool!! Once a girl at my summer camp had an AG shirt on and I got so excited. ;) I agree about the names. Some are just...well not good, like Velma and Barksee. I love Cecile too! And I am also disappointed about Marie-Grace.

  4. I LOVE Cecile and Marie-Grace! My favourite outfit is Cecile's Spring dress(I think that's what it's called...) and I LOVE Marie-Grace's dog! He's SOOOOO CUTE! :D I'm thinking that Cecile and Marie-Grace are just replacements for Elizabeth, and that that AG is going to get rid of Addy, now that they have another dark-skinned Historical only eleven years away.

    The biggest question for me? Which one to get first! XD


  5. her name is mckenna brooks

  6. Yeah I posted this back before it was found that her name was McKenna. :) Thanks for mentioning that, though.


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