Friday, August 5, 2011

Lanie & Lanie

Hi everyone! So today is my cousin Sadie's birthday, and I thought I would show you pictures of our two Lanie's together!
 Here they are! Mine is the one on the left, hers is on the right. Her Lanie is wearing the cutest riding outfit from Our Generation, I don't know if they still have it or not, which has the most awesome pair of brown pants ever! I don't have a pic of them, though, sorry.
We pretended that they were twin sisters and constantly arguing, so here's a squabble my Lanie likely started. She tends to annoy those around her. :)

Well, thank you for reading!

Bunny Kisses,


  1. Wow they are twin cousins! They look Adorable!! I love both of their outfits! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR COUSIN SADIE!

  2. Cute! :)


  3. Hi Phoebe!

    Thank you for participating in Shout-Out Your Doll Site! Both you and your cousin's Lanie dolls are so cute! I love the Our Generation outfit on your cousin's Lanie!

    Hope you have a great day!

    Your Friend,

  4. Your Lanie WOULD start a squabble... XD


  5. Aww, you and your cousin's Lanies are so cute!
    I really like the pictures of them! I also love your header picture!


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