Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Day of Summer :(

Yeah so I have to go back to school tomorrow. I'm not really that sad about it though, except now I won't have much time. Oh well, I'll make time. Plus I get an extra hour after school because we start earlier so that means more time to get stuff done so I won't have to completely ignore you. :)
I was working on filming today. I'll try to get episode one done and posted this weekend. :)
As this last post of the summer I would give you some pictures but my memory finally filled up soooo. . . I'll put pics I already had on Picasa! Problem Solving, yay!!

Random Lanie pictures!! Yayness! I love my Lanie girl (Oh, excuse me, I 'less than three' my Lanie girl lol). So the first picture was from my Glee album. It was Lanie's shame face. lol Poor Lanie was getting yelled at by Alyssa for obsessively fan girling over Darren. ;) And the second one, well, that would take some explaining. But it's just super pretty. I love the way her eyes look.

Anyway, I'll speak with you later! Wish me luck tomorrow. ;) When do you start (or when did you start) school?



  1. I start school in two weeks. I <3 those Lanie pics!


  2. Cute last picture! I'm going back to school on September 6th, because school ended for me on June 28 or 29th. =)

  3. I start Sept. 6th's!


  4. aw, it's your last day of summer? I start back in around 2 weeks, but I think you end school earlier too. have a good first day :D

  5. I remember those!!! XD



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