Friday, August 12, 2011

More Song Edits!! :)

Hey! So sorry I haven't posted in a while. I don't really have anything to post because I've been working on this series I have for YouTube. :) I might make a trailer soon. But not until next week because I will be out of town until Wednesday.
So I have three new photos for song lyrics. I just noticed I have an indirect theme to these. If you figure it out please comment! :)

This is for 'Paparazzi' by Lady Gaga. The lyrics I chose were 'I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me papa-paparazzi.' Blogger totally killed my quality, though. So Lanie is depicted standing in a bush, to 'spy' on a celebrity (in this case it was actually my dog) and she is wearing Kanani's pink sunglasses which look like Darren Criss' signature sunglasses. If you didn't know Lanie is totally obsessed with him. So it's supposed to be her 'being his paparazzi'. In your dreams, Lanie. Also, I put the dots on with draw on Picnik!
This one is for 'Dress and Tie' by Charlene Kaye featuring Darren Criss. The lyrics I chose were 'I'll wear that dress if you wear that tie.' And the picture (Which Blogger toads ruined, thank ya for that, buddy! grrr. . .) depicts Emily holding a tie (aka a ribbon I used my mad tie tying skill on) and an ominous doll hand holding a dress. This is pretty self explanatory. I just love this song. :)
The song for this one is 'Status Quo' by Darren Criss from the Starship musical. This is my favorite song from the first half (I got 'busy' after I watched that part. . . so yeaaaahhhh. . .) and the lyrics I chose were 'Who cares about normal? I'll never conform, I will be content to resent the status quo.' This shows Mia in a ridiculous outfit, she was wearing one boot and one flat even, in front of four blond dolls that were dressed in white and were supposed to represent the status quo. :)

Did you figure out the theme? ;) Don't judge, peepsles, it makes for interesting posts! And helps me forgive AG for their evils. lol


  1. Ummmmm....I have no clue but, they all say something about Darren Criss

    Don't forget to visit

    ~$ara Jay~

  2. No, I didn't figure out the theme, but I'll keep thinking...

    -Priya :)

  3. Is the theme Glee? Or Darren Criss?

    Oh, and Mia looks like a cool hippie(at least I thought she did...) :D


    P.S. I LOVE the bunny kisses picture! :D

  4. Is the theme dolls in disguise? Maybe?

    My favourite is the first one, of Lanie being a spy! :) :D

  5. Hollywood?

    I am going to follow you!


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