Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New AG Stuff. . .AGAIN!

Okay, so hey! I'm sure you've all noticed the new doll stuff by now. Of course, this wouldn't be the Internet if everyone and their brother didn't put up their opinions, so here's mine. :)

First of all, I love the new dolls! The blond one I just lovelovelove because of her hair! She already has a name. :) Liliana. And the second, well, she has the short brown hair and the side bangs. Which is my hair. IT IS! OMJ THAT GIRL HAS MY HAIR! But she also has brown eyes and mine are blue. So I shall now stalk the Internet looking for someone that swaps eyes.

Nexxxxttt, the new outfits are okay. I already have the holiday dresses on my list. And the Sweet School Dress is soo pretty it might kill me. The Sporty Winter outfit reminds me of an equestrian outfit. And yeah. Plus, that Ivy mini doll? Thank you Wall-Mart! I mean, uh, thank you AG!! I have wanted a mini Ivy for, oh yeah, like forever!!

Lastly, THEY BROUGHT IT BACK!!! THEY BROUGHT THE PIANO BACK!!! I loved that thing! Well, after they retired it I loved it. And now they brought her back! YES!!! Now just keep it for a while, AG, until I might buy it.

So yes. Also, if any of you would care I have ultimately removed 53 off my list. She doesn't fit my Sydnie the best.

Peace Out!



  1. I don't like AG's new game/activity look-I miss the old. =(

  2. THANK YOU WAL-MART!!! It saved me from getting a F on my story-book for not having illustrations!


  3. Coolio! that name totally fits the new doll :) she's so cute!!


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