Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Day Dolls

Yep! I'm baaack! With a post that might actually be interesting! It's about my some-day dolls. Or dolls I would like to get some day. Most of them are MAGs, but that's mainly what I like. :) Some will be dolls I actually will buy (like Maggie) and some will just be 'that would be so awesome if I actually got her' dolls (Like Quinn and Rachel). So, with out further ado, here is my list:

1. Maggie Loren Belladona (#30)
Maggie is Lucy's twin sister. So I will have to get this one. ;) She will have the raspberry glasses and have pierced ears. I think her character will be like Lucy (insane) but sort of the opposite. Like instead of being violent like Lucy she would extremely nice. And kind of scary at first. But I don't really have her character worked out yet.

2. Daphne Elanor Clane (#55)
Daphne is sort of hard to explain with out making me sound creepy. Okay, so everyone knows I like Glee and it's awesomeness. As well as Darren Criss (Blaine). So when the three new ones were released online I noticed (okay more like realized and then freaked out) that #55 looks like an 11 year old female version of Darren. That sounds so weird. XD So, thus Daphey was created. She already has a gang and I probably won't get her for a few months. I hope this doesn't scare you. :)

3. Sydney Catherine Everett (#53)
Should it be spelled Sydney or Sydnie? Anyway Sydney is one of my Original Characters in a really weird story I write. And #53 looks like her. I'm not going to go into detail about her because she actually makes me seem so weird. Let's just say she's like another Lanie. But worse.

4. Heather Felicia Mitsy (#19)
So I want Heather because she is the only doll left with Felicity eyes. She is named after Heather Morris (Brittany Peirce on Glee), Felicia Tillman on Desperate Housewives, and some random Aunt Mitsy in a grammar work sheet. Her character is not remotely figured out yet. But she's so pretty!!

5. Martha (she needs a middle name) (she needs a last name) (#41)
This one is a serious maybe. :) She is Gwendolyn's best friend from her old town. If you have any name suggestions pleasepleaseplease comment.

6. Rachel Barry (Custom)
I'm seriously never going to get her, BUT, she would be a Julie with a wig like what #14 has. She would be Rachel on Glee. And Alyssa would not like her. At all. ;)

7. Lucy Quinn Fabray (Goes by Quinn, though, and a custom but maybe AG could be nice and make one like her.)
I'm also never getting her unless AG makes one that looks like her. But a hazel eyed doll with the #27 or #22 wig. Basically Quinn from Glee.

So what do you think? Should Sydney be spelled that way or spelled Sydnie? Do you have any ideas for Martha's name?

Oh, also, the theme was Darren Criss. Miranda and Sara Jay both figured it out. :) And honorable mentions to Abbi! I didn't think of that. :)


  1. That's SO cool! I dream of a #25 named Shanti but I doubt I'll get her. I think her name should be spelled Sydnie, that way it's unique. and here are ideas for Martha's middle name...
    ..and her last name:

    Hope you like them!

  2. Your dolls sound awesome. I noticed most of them have characters(or names!) based on the exsistence of Glee...



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