Monday, August 22, 2011

What we have been doing. . .

Hey everyone! It's Sonali, for some odd reason, and today I will tell you about what we have been doing.

Which will be soooooo boring because we haven't been doing ANYTHING!!! It is soooooo lame! All we do is like stand around on the dresser and change clothes and stuff! Not that I don't just love clothes, but seriously. Besides, we were filming and I'm not even in the show yet! I might get the part of the creepy stylist, but I think Evey would do that part better. She's a total freak.

*Evey walks up to the computer*
E-Hey Sonali, what up?
Moi- Uhhh.
*Evey reads post, I prepare for the wrath of le Glee obsessed doll*
E- I toads agree Nalurt, I am better suited for the part.
*Evey leaves*

Okay, so case in point. But anyway, notice how she called me Nalurt???? It annoys me to no end!! I mean seriously!! Of course sometimes we call Felicity Kelicity, but she enjoys that. Whatever. I have much better hair, anyways.

So, we like soooo totally need to edit our videos! I mean we have one that we were supposed to post like a week ago that only has four clips put together! Of course I'm not in it so I don't especially care, but for the sake of the others it should be posted.

Also, I mentioned we have a series in the make. It stars Alyssa. And is kind of lame. Just my opinion. I mean a singer that wants to get famous? Seriously? Who hasn't made that series before? Let me think, uhhhhh, LIKE EVERYONE HAS DONE THAT!! Of course we're trying to put a 'creative spin' on it by making Rebecca evil. Wow, she basically doesn't have to act! Haha! No one likes Rebecca. She's so self centered. And Jessica is the mean girl, which requires skill because she's so sweet. And kind of a ditz like Sam. She's basically Sam, but loves Owl City. Sam as in Samantha, btw. Just so you know.

One thing's good about this series, though. Lanie was forbidden to be in it. She looks too similar to Alyssa and Gwendolyn was already cast as her older sister. I'm rambling. But everyone loves me. It's not like I'm Mia going on about how that she's aloud to wear the pink sunglasses because of such and such or whatever. Mia has gotten really weird lately. Anyway I ran out of things to say.



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  1. Sonali, I wouldn't be too sure Evey would be perfect for the creepy stylist. I thought Lanie should be, because she doesn't really have to TRY to be creepy! I'm sorry, Lanie. D:



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