Sunday, September 25, 2011

Early Preperations

Hi everyone! Phoebler here.
So, as some of you may remember from last year, Halloween is my favorite holiday to do with my dolls. :) And this week I have started planning costumes! I thought you might be interested so here's a few of mine:
  • Chrissa will be dressing up as the awesome Luna from girloftheyearstudios incredible summer movie Ask Asha
  • Mia will be dressing up as my mind, you will want to see this. Trust me.
  • Molly will be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
  • Elizabeth will be a Girl Scout.
  • Christina, Nicole, Julie, and Samantha will be various princesses.
  • Marisol will be Lady Gaga, another must see. ;)
And the rest are either surprises or I haven't gotten to them yet! Cammrie's will be supercute, though. :) Oh, and if (if, man, if) I'm not lazy and buy Daphne by Halloween, she will be a genie. And there is in fact logic behind that. Well, sort of.
Have you started planning your doll's costumes yet?


P.s. If you steal our ideas Mia will hunt you down. JK! I would be honored if my insanity inspires you. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

LynLyn likes Pie :)

Hi everyone! So today I have been inspired by our dear friend Miranda and her dolls to post about our education. (By the way this is Evelyne talking, you shoud know that. The title will be explained if your a good little birdie and keep reading.)

So apparently we used to have a school. However that was long before my personal arrival. And we really don't go to school. Basically we just stand around looking fabulous all day. But we have other things to entertain us. Like the Internet. And pie. And whatever on earth Felicity is doing. Felicity has problems. I really think you don't want to know, though. LOL THAT RHYMES!!!! Hehehehehehe.

ANYWAY! I'm blogging right now basically because Phoebler feels guilty and wants to feel loved by your awesome commenting (oh yeah, no hidden agenda here!) and kind of wants to get out of working on her Language Arts assignment. It isn't due for a week, though. :)

So about the title. One of my many nick-names is LynLyn. As well as Evsevs and the more commonly used Evey. I am legit hardly ever called Evelyne. Also I just really like pie. It's like my go to answer for anything. That and Darren Criss. Seriously. I am so sane that it's not even funny. JK LOLOLOLOLOLOL I have issues, too.

NEXT TOPIC!!! So soon we will buy Daphne! I'm superdupersuperexcitedpumpedthatImightdieofexcitement!!! YEAH!!! BECAUSE THAT IS SO TOTALLY A WORD!! But that will be so exciting when she comes. Because that's basically what all of our plans involve now. FAIL. Anyway Lanie is excited, too. Lanie is more excited. And so is Felicity.  Felicity's "thing" involves the non-doll real legit being that we have transformed into uber coot 55. And Glee, so she really wants to play ponies with Daphne. The ponies are Glee equivalents and Felicity is always "Kurt" so if you watch the show you can probs infer about what Felicity loves. If you don't watch the show I don't really want to explain. That would take a while. :)

I was going to type thumbs if you read all that, but that's on YouTube. So if you read all of that you are my soul buddy and please comment! Plus I just had a weird idea. I'm going to put an incomplete sentence at the end of my post and if you read the entire post please put in your own answer! Like Blogger Mad Libs. :)


*I really like _______ on Tuesdays.* (Be creative)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm So Sorry :(

I'm bad at this. Geez. I haven't posted all month! So what if it's only the 4th? I'm really sorry about that. But I have nothing to post about. My dolls are being boring. Ha ha. And my series is sort of taking a break. I still haven't finished editing even the first episode. Let's just pretend that's because of school.

So I'm superduper sorry. :( I'm a bad person. I really haven't been doing anything. Except for school stuff. So this is a really boring post. But don't be surprised if I don't blog for a while. I love you all and I'm not giving it up or anything, but I just haven't been doing anything and without pictures at the moment I don't really see the point of me posting. Without my pics I don't have anything to blog about.

So anyway, what should I post about? What do you want from this blog now? Because I'm stumped. More posts from the dolls? For me to finally get around to upping my memory so I can post my pictures? Please comment and tell me!

Oh, and if you want more doll posts you better brace yourself for weird. Especially from Lanie and Mia. And Felicity. They have problems.