Sunday, September 25, 2011

Early Preperations

Hi everyone! Phoebler here.
So, as some of you may remember from last year, Halloween is my favorite holiday to do with my dolls. :) And this week I have started planning costumes! I thought you might be interested so here's a few of mine:
  • Chrissa will be dressing up as the awesome Luna from girloftheyearstudios incredible summer movie Ask Asha
  • Mia will be dressing up as my mind, you will want to see this. Trust me.
  • Molly will be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
  • Elizabeth will be a Girl Scout.
  • Christina, Nicole, Julie, and Samantha will be various princesses.
  • Marisol will be Lady Gaga, another must see. ;)
And the rest are either surprises or I haven't gotten to them yet! Cammrie's will be supercute, though. :) Oh, and if (if, man, if) I'm not lazy and buy Daphne by Halloween, she will be a genie. And there is in fact logic behind that. Well, sort of.
Have you started planning your doll's costumes yet?


P.s. If you steal our ideas Mia will hunt you down. JK! I would be honored if my insanity inspires you. :)


  1. I was thinking of a princess, a ghost, a cowgirl, and one other costume. Any suggestions for simple costumes

  2. I haven't done a doll Halloween yet, but I've always wanted to! I just don't really know what to have my dolls dress up as. :(


  3. Awesomeness! I can't wait to see your dolls costumes... :D I still haven't though of halloween costumes yet... I'd better get to it!


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