Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm So Sorry :(

I'm bad at this. Geez. I haven't posted all month! So what if it's only the 4th? I'm really sorry about that. But I have nothing to post about. My dolls are being boring. Ha ha. And my series is sort of taking a break. I still haven't finished editing even the first episode. Let's just pretend that's because of school.

So I'm superduper sorry. :( I'm a bad person. I really haven't been doing anything. Except for school stuff. So this is a really boring post. But don't be surprised if I don't blog for a while. I love you all and I'm not giving it up or anything, but I just haven't been doing anything and without pictures at the moment I don't really see the point of me posting. Without my pics I don't have anything to blog about.

So anyway, what should I post about? What do you want from this blog now? Because I'm stumped. More posts from the dolls? For me to finally get around to upping my memory so I can post my pictures? Please comment and tell me!

Oh, and if you want more doll posts you better brace yourself for weird. Especially from Lanie and Mia. And Felicity. They have problems.



  1. Oh you're not a bad person!! You have a great blog. I am like that, too, I've been working on a big project now though. I have lost all my commenters and no one is following me!! ;(

    I would love to read doll posts. :)

  2. I feel for ya. Hollie has problems... JUST LIKE ME!!! XD

    ~Mr. W

  3. It's okay. =) Maybe you could post like a dramatic/funny photo story?

  4. Oh please don't give up on your blog! I love it! I think instead of upping your memory you should get a photo bucket. I have Picasa too, but I'm almost for sure going to get a photobucket and they have "unlimited" photo storage and posting. A blog with photos is awesome! But I also like posts from dolls too, until you get the photo kinks worked out.

  5. Weird things from dolls? Okay, I'm definitely up for that {since, ya know, that's kinda what I do... =D}.

    And you are NOT a bad person. I just did that recently, and things just get...slow sometimes.

    <3 Jamie


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