Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! Happy Halloween! So, to celebrate here are my doll's costumes!
Also, the video is a work in progress, I'm super slow. But I promise that I will finish this. :)
So anyway, we have the epic costumes, if I don't say so myself. ;)
 First is Julie as Rapunzel from Tangled.
 Then Mia as a hockey player.
 Lucy as Hello Kitty.
 Kit as a nerd. :)
 Chrissa as Luna from Ask Asha.
Molly as a Hula girl.
 Samantha as Belle.
 Alyssa as Rebecca Black. ;)
 Gwendolyn as Taylor Swift. (like the picture for Back to December for the pamphlet of Speak Now.)
 Emily as Bree Hodge/Vandekamp from Desperate Housewives.
 Cammrie as a rock star.
Gwen as Quinn Fabray from Glee. (Season 1 Quinn)
 Emily as a pilgrim.
 Sonali as a super model.
 Elizabeth as a girl scout, specifically a Brownie.
 Rebecca as a vampire. (minus the sparkles lol)
 Evey as February from Starship, aka a Starship Ranger.
 Christina as Sleeping Beauty.
 Jessica as Owl City. The shirt and bangs are supposed to resemble Adam and his epicness, the sweater is Tip of the Iceberg, heart is Tidal Wave, hair ribbons are Super Honeymoon, and the wings are Butterfly wings.
The back, her wings are covered with song titles.
 Lanie as a Warbler. :)
 Bella as a pirate.
 Timmy as a horse rider dude. (Sorry for lack of professional terminology.)
Marisol as Lady Gaga, based off of her Kermit dress. :)
 Felicity as Kurt, his prom outfit, from Glee.
 Molly Ann as Chrissa.
 Samantha Mae as Kanani.
Kirsten as Lanie.
And last, but certainly not least, Nicole as Cinderella.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a happy Halloween! :)


I'm most excited for ________ in the upcoming month of November.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Nerve of Some People! (by Mia)

Hey everybody. Mia here, der. So I just read Little Miss Nicole's post below and I can't BELIEVE what she wrote about me! You all should know that I'm not always the most friendly person, I have violent tendencies, but they're generally funny and I always stick up for my buddies and do show compassion every now and then. Just so you know that before reading.

So about what Miss Nicole wrote about me.
Yes, I did give Julie permission to use my former stuffed animal in the drawing.
Yes, I'm not as big of a Neopets fanatic as Nicole is.
Sure, I kind of forgot that I ever had it, but a few years ago when Phoebe was younger our story lines were wacked up and I forget a lot of stuff from then.
Yeah, now that I gave Jules permission to use my Slorg it is totally fair game.

However, I should have just as much chance to win this as anyone else, right?? If it's fair game then why can't I have as good of a shot as Nicole does? I do! I have just as much right to enter into this drawing as Emily or Jessica or Samantha Mae even does. So what is her PROBLEM? I can win this, it's purely luck anyway! Just because of all this going on watch someone like Elizabeth or Alyssa win it. Nothing against those two, they're cool and all, but they have limited Neopets knowledge.

Uh, I wouldn't even CARE anymore, it's just a stupid stuffed animal, if it weren't for what Nicole wrote about me. It's ON now! I will go to all means possible to get this animal just so Nicole doesn't.

Peace Out,

My favorite time of day is _________.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Amazing Life of Nicole Smith entry 4

Hello there everyone! Today I have the pleasure of getting to write for you once again. I don't want to say we forgot about this, instead my posts were temporarily postponed for lack of remembrance. Yes, that's better.
So anyway, we have been busy preparing for Halloween lately. Because that's likely our favorite holiday to do with dolls. I'm going to be Cinderella, my costume is gorgeous if I don't say so myself. Well anyway, we always, apparently, have drawings at our parties. The first year, Marisol got a black cat I think, then last year Molly won a purple bat. This year we are going to have drawings amongst us for a Webkinz bat, a Halloween Hello Kitty, and a Neopets Petpet Slorg. I really need that Slorg! I absolutely love plushie Neopets, they're sort of my thing.
But anyway, Mia apparently had the Neopet collection before I moved in. She still has a rainbow Cybunny. And this Slorg was apparently Mia's. She told me that she just had to win this and so she's going to enter all of her slips for the Slorg, of course I am too, though. But I believe this was totally unfair. Julie, party organization queen, even asked Mia before she put the Slorg up, so now it SHOULD be fair game. But of course it won't be. Mia doesn't even really care about the Neopets anymore, so why does she even want it?? Well, all I have to say is that I have to win this thing and Mia better not or she will suffer the consequences. :( Not to scare you, or anything, but she better not get this Slorg.

Also, we will eventually have a Halloween video up, just don't hold your breath. It will be up, just maybe after Halloween. And we apparently have 'big plans' for the video, but of course we don't know what will happen.

Thank you greatly for reading. So, if you don't mind, I would love to hear your thoughts on my little situation here.
Miss Nicole Farah Smith

My favorite color is ________.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I gots a feather! (by Cammrie)

Hi everyone! It's Miss Cammrie here! My first post, awesome, right?? Well I have some news for you! Obviously I got a feather for my hair, but also we upped our memory! That means like pictures and stuff!! So anyway, here's what my awesome blue feather looks like:
Isn't it awesome?? It's my favorite color. It's like super long, though. It's longer than my hair.
If you were wondering, it's attached by a little clip, really easy to put in and to remove, and we got it at Claire's. :)
I love my feather!! Thanks for reading.
Cammrie <3

I love my _________. (feather! hehehe)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Quality Decrease? YEAH, DUDE.

Hi guys. Sorry it's been a while. Well, today I have a post about a certain company's quality decrease that I have noticed throughout my collection of their gorgeous products. Who am I talking about? American Girl, obviously! lol Anyway, this might be a very strongly opinionated post, so if your offended by people trash talking AG I wouldn't read this.
So, as you know, I have dolls ranging from December 2001 up until about June 2011. So, Marisol, I noticed a few weeks ago (or maybe months, whatever), still has incredibly tight limbs, considering her age. Well, even not considering her age! Jessica (Kanani), obviously purchased this year, has limbs maybe half the tightness of Marisol's. Let's see, that's maybe 4 months compared to about 6 years. Seriously?? What the heck, AG? And, the day I bought Gwendolyn, I noticed her arm was slightly loose. Which was last year, and she is #38.
So, now you know my observations, let's put these in with the observations of many AG lovers. Prices. Prices keep getting higher and higher and higher and higher and, well you get the point. So, with obviously decreased quality, we have $100 dolls. I know that all this has stuff to do with the economy, but you would think they might do better for the price they ask, and succeed to still get people to buy stuff. I'm not saying anything bad about the customers, I know I, and likely many others, couldn't survive without AG. This isn't just an opinion either, people. I take good care of my dolls and it is obvious to me that quality has seriously decreased.
Okay, just thought I'd rant about AG for a while. Thanks for reading! And I hope you like the new look. :)

Peace Out,

I like __________ during October.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Farm Planet Names

Yep. Sorry for the lack of posts. Anyway, today I want to share with you what my doll's Farm Planet last names would be.
So there's this epic musical called Starship (Don't just go and randomly watch it, they don't use good language all the time. Just so you know.) and in it one of the characters is from the Farm Planet. And on the Farm Planet your first name is what you do and you last name is what you love. So, I thought I would share my doll's Farm Planet last names!
I will write what her name would be on Farm Planet and then tell why.

Christina Pink- Christina's favorite colors are pink and yellow, mainly pink.
Kit Corn- Kit's favorite food is corn with orange soda. Don't ask.
Samantha Dolls- Sam has a mini doll, and she loves it. :)
Marisol Dance- As most of you hopefully know, Marisol loves dancing. :)
Molly Bright- Molly dresses in lots of bright, un-matching colors.
Cammrie Horses- Cammrie just loves horses. She owns one of my Our Generation horses.
Mia Bacon- Mia and bacon go together like flies and cheese. Nothing can separate them. Except Kimi.
Julie Basketball- Well, do I really need to explain that?
Emily Proper- This one's weird. But Emily likes proper and polite stuff.
Chrissa Bunnies- Chrissa has like six stuffed bunnies. Nuff said.
Alyssa Singing- Lyssa is my little star, she's epic. Well, as epic as I can manage.
Rebecca Rebecca- She's in love with herself.
Nicole Neopets- Nicole loves stuffed Neopets. However, I have not made her an account. Yet.
Kirsten Cats- Kirsten loves her kitties. :)
Molly Ann Blue- Molly Ann's favorite color is navy blue.
Sonali Fashion- Sonali has mad style. She's the Kurt Hummel of my dolls.
Gwen Me- Gwen also loves herself. She thinks she's the coolest thing ever.
Lanie Darren Criss- Again, this should explain itself. lol Lanie's weird.
Samantha Mae Lilac- Sammy Mae's favorite color.
Gwendolyn Shoes- Dodo loves shoes. :)
Elizabeth Dresses- It's hard to get Lizzie to wear pants. lol
Felicity Klaine- Okay, if you know this congrats. Otherwise, I'm not explaining. And please don't Google this. You would seriously regret it. Like a lot. I'm totally serious, too.
Lucy Hello Kitty- Lucy is a Kitty fan, that's about it.
Evelyne Pie- YUM.
Jessica Owl City- Jessie loves Owl City. So do I, for that matter.

Okay, so some of those weren't the greatest. My favorites are Evey's and Felicity's just because it's weird. XD
Thank you for reading!! And thank you soooo much for 65 followers!! I love you all!!

Bunny Kisses,
Phoebe All of You :)

Oh yeah, pick one of these for Blogger Mad Libs if you read to here:

My Farm Planet last name would be ______.
My doll's Farm Planet name would be ______.