Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Amazing Life of Nicole Smith entry 4

Hello there everyone! Today I have the pleasure of getting to write for you once again. I don't want to say we forgot about this, instead my posts were temporarily postponed for lack of remembrance. Yes, that's better.
So anyway, we have been busy preparing for Halloween lately. Because that's likely our favorite holiday to do with dolls. I'm going to be Cinderella, my costume is gorgeous if I don't say so myself. Well anyway, we always, apparently, have drawings at our parties. The first year, Marisol got a black cat I think, then last year Molly won a purple bat. This year we are going to have drawings amongst us for a Webkinz bat, a Halloween Hello Kitty, and a Neopets Petpet Slorg. I really need that Slorg! I absolutely love plushie Neopets, they're sort of my thing.
But anyway, Mia apparently had the Neopet collection before I moved in. She still has a rainbow Cybunny. And this Slorg was apparently Mia's. She told me that she just had to win this and so she's going to enter all of her slips for the Slorg, of course I am too, though. But I believe this was totally unfair. Julie, party organization queen, even asked Mia before she put the Slorg up, so now it SHOULD be fair game. But of course it won't be. Mia doesn't even really care about the Neopets anymore, so why does she even want it?? Well, all I have to say is that I have to win this thing and Mia better not or she will suffer the consequences. :( Not to scare you, or anything, but she better not get this Slorg.

Also, we will eventually have a Halloween video up, just don't hold your breath. It will be up, just maybe after Halloween. And we apparently have 'big plans' for the video, but of course we don't know what will happen.

Thank you greatly for reading. So, if you don't mind, I would love to hear your thoughts on my little situation here.
Miss Nicole Farah Smith

My favorite color is ________.


  1. Awesome! You should SO get that Slorg. I can't wait to see the video! Also, my BML is: My favorite color is purple. :)

  2. My favourite colours are turqouise and light green.

    I hope Mia gets the Slorg back, because I think we've all had second thoughts about wanting to get rid of stuff, so I kind of feel for her. :(



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